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  1. Holy fucking shit.  Holy fucking shit.  Holy fucking shit. 


    These are official released publicity stills in raw form (no backgrounds or photoshop yet). 





    Snoke's Pretorian Guard



    Kylo Ren












  2. My thoughts on the films rumored outline.  I'll spoiler text relevant material. 


    What's posted above is similar to what was leaked for The Force Awakens.  In the end, there were differences, some minor, some not, but the overall arc of the film was there, major details (like Han's end) were there, all the settings were accurate, the pacing was accurate, and I would say it gave a good sense of what the movie is without ruining the experience of watching it for the first time.  Then again, I like knowing some plot going in, it makes a first viewing a little less jarring for me.  

    So some character analysis.  Serious spoilers ahead. 

    I'll start with Luke. 



    Luke is defeated, alone, and totally disillusioned.  He has seen too much, and read too much, to support a system that perpetuates evil.  The Jedi need the Sith, and vice versa.  The light, the dark, they exist together.  His existence he thought was to bring about the end of the Sith, and restore the Jedi.  What he found was that was impossible, Ben Solo was turned, his new order killed by either Kylo Ren or Luke himself because they turned on him.  Possibly including Rey's parents.  (This is a huge ?, and could be something that is as secret as "I am your father", i.e. only a few people know the real lines/outcome).  

    He was defeated by the dark side, sought out the origins of the Jedi, and found they knew this all along, and supported it.  The Jedi must end.  

    And along comes Rey.  Luke wants no part in any of this.  But he is led to at least somewhat train Rey in the basic true nature of the force, out of compassion, or some deeper sense that this isn't the same thing as before.  Rey is not to become a Jedi.  

    This goes horribly wrong, once again, when Kylo Ren shows up to attack Luke and take Rey back to Snoke.  Luke is angry, Rey leaves with Chewie, Kylo Ren is taken back by the First Order and he is once again alone, and feels he has lost another student to the dark side. 

    I think at this point we get Luke communing with Yoda.  Yoda convinces him he must seek out Rey and Ren, prevent Snoke from turning either of them, and destroy him.  So Luke leaves in his X-Wing which is hidden underwater (this scene is pretty much confirmed, he lifts it out ala Empire). 

    When Luke arrives at Snoke's SSD, he finds Snoke, Rey and Kylo Ren in the middle of basically the same moment he had with the Emperor and his father.  Kylo Ren has thrown down his saber, refusing to kill Rey.  Snoke has convinced Rey he knows the truth about her parents, that Luke struck them down (again, the big ?, could be some other reveal).  Luke and Kylo draw sabers, attack Snoke, and he tears the room apart with the force as he flees with Rey, leaving both Luke and Ren buried in massive amounts of debris.  

    And that's where the film ends for Luke.  

    From his perspective, Rey has fallen to the dark side.  From her perspective, Luke betrayed her.  Maybe he killed her parents, maybe he is her father, and killed her mother.  I don't know for sure.  Maybe it's none of that.  But it does sound like the film ends with his ass buried, and Snoke leaving with Rey.  






    Rey's place in this film is the least understood I think.  The big question being does she leave with Snoke because she is willing, forced too, or a bit of both?  

    She arrives on Ach'To, and finds Luke is not what she expected. She doesn't understand his perspective, why he doesn't want to help, why he won't train her to fight Kylo Ren.  She finally abandons the idea of Luke helping and leaves when she speaks to Kylo Ren.  She discovers his conflict, killing his father, love for his mother, the pull of the light.  It runs deep, and she feels he is the key to salvaging this whole thing.  She understands his desire to see his mother again, and she is willing to help him do it.  She also knows if he returned to the light, he could teach her things Luke will not.  From her perspective this is the answer. 

    Once in front of Snoke though, he reveals her past, Luke's involvement, and it changes everything.  I'm not exactly sure how this final scene goes down, but it's not going to end on a high note, and I bet leaves us all wondering, "did Rey just turn to the dark side?"



    Kylo Ren


    If you didn't like emo Ren in TFA, your probably not gonna like this one either.  He is conflicted.  Torn over his father's death, sees his mother and feels the pull to the light, tries to purge it with training and fails. He finally has enough when Snoke uses him to turn Rey.  He knows he is being manipulated, that Snoke has no interest in him other than to use him to turn her.  When he draws his saber on Snoke along side Luke, he has shed his conflict, and Ben Solo has returned. 


  3. Act Three 


    • Rey finally makes it back to Crait, and enjoys a tearful reunion with Finn and the other members of the Resistance. She tells them that Luke wasn’t what they thought he was - he’s dangerous and unfeeling, seemingly unconcerned by their plight. She says nothing about Kylo Ren, too afraid of what the others might think, but her sense of betrayal over his failure to come with her is compounded when she realises that Leia remains unconscious from the earlier attack.
    • Kylo is returned to the First Order and Snoke. He explains the situation with Rey to Snoke, pleading with him for her sake by telling him that it would be a mistake to kill her. He explains that she is listening to him, and seems to like what she hears about his methods. Like Rey, Kylo also keeps secrets - he doesn't indicate that he is more conflicted and drawn to the light than ever before. Snoke orders Kylo to bring Rey to him, sending him to Crait with the ground forces that are being dispatched to demolish the last of the Resistance.
    • Finn, Poe, Rose and Rey all participate in the battle of Crait, which is a desperate, hopeless scrabble against the odds. They all eventually become separated, and Rey in particular is isolated on the battlefield - surrounded by scenes of mayhem and carnage. Her bitterness is only increased - if Luke had actually taught her to fight beyond supervising some swings of a lightsaber, she might actually be able to make a difference.
    • Kylo touches base on Crait, but as soon as he is on the island he is distracted by the tug of his mother’s Force signature. He realises that she is injured, unconscious - all thoughts of the battle forgotten, he goes to her. The few medics caring for Leia protest but can do nothing to stop him - they see him as a fearsome dark lord, not Leia’s child. Kylo kneels by his mother’s bedside and weeps, the full force of his regret and love for his family finally overcoming him. He presses a palm to her forehead, drawing upon old lessons on Force healing to strengthen her. He is himself weakened by this, but his efforts pay off - Leia is restored and regains consciousness. When she sees her son she acts on instinct, embracing him tightly and stroking his hair. This only makes Kylo sob more intensely as he clings to her, gasping out that he’s sorry. He is overwhelmed by his mother’s love for him - he didn’t deserve her forgiveness, but he received it nonetheless.
    • Luke, meanwhile, finally leaves Ahch-To - the island is littered with downed TIE fighters, the sacred landscape burnt and scarred with debris. He knows he can no longer avoid the fight, and lifts his X-Wing from the water.
    • Finn, Poe and Rose manage a few minor victories, but it isn’t enough - they retreat back to the command base to find Kylo Ren with his mother. Leia - having firmly shown Holdo the door, Poe is back in command again. Finn and Poe are appalled by Kylo’s presence, and feel betrayed by Leia - they had no idea Ben Solo was Kylo Ren. Leia angrily slaps Poe, pointing out that whatever their feelings might be, Ben might well be the only person left who can help them. They have nothing left to lose by accepting Ben’s offer to help them reach the command deck of the SSD, where they will be able to take the controls and bring the whole ship down - and Snoke with it. The ship is static - paralysed from an earlier Resistance attack over Crait - but it remains an active threat as long as its weapons are operational. Ben tells them that he will get them onboard, but makes it clear that he will not take Rey - Snoke wants her now, and it’s too dangerous to let her near him.
    • Rey - wounded and bruised - struggles across the battlefield, trying to reach the Resistance base - she needs to find out whether any of her friends are still alive. As she gets closer she sees the Falcon departing without her. Only Leia watches from the ground as they go. Rey approaches her, utterly confused, and asks what is going on. Leia explains that Ben is helping them, and it takes Rey a moment to realise that Ben is Kylo Ren. Rey struggles to accept what she is hearing, and particularly struggles with the idea that Kylo - who betrayed her so abruptly on Ahch-To - has proven himself to be an ally. Rey voices her frustration and anger, with Luke especially, but Leia can only offer her comfort - she offers Rey her arms, telling her that Ben had said she was to stay, only for Rey to turn and run in search of the nearest transport. She doesn’t care to sit back while others fight for her - especially not others like the traitor Kylo Ren.
    • Onboard the SSD, Kylo leads Poe, Rose and Finn - all shackled, as if taken prisoner - towards the command deck. The corridors are mostly empty, and they go unquestioned until Phasma - wounded and limping, but still dangerous - sees them. She challenges them and takes aim at Finn, but Kylo kills her before she can fire - with this, Poe and Finn reluctantly realise that Kylo Ren might be trustworthy after all. They press on, only to find that Ren’s access codes to the command deck have been revoked - his betrayal is known. Rose sets to work on getting the doors open, with BB-8’s help. Kylo, meanwhile, vanishes to confront Snoke in the hope that he can buy them some time.
    • Rey makes it on board the SSD, encountering minimal resistance until she is set upon by Snoke’s Praetorian Guard. Exhausted, she battles fiercely but struggles to hold them at bay - there are too many of them! Just when everything seems lost, Kylo appears and takes on the rest of the guards. Kylo dispatches them before angrily asking Rey what she is doing on the ship. Before Rey can answer, Snoke’s voice echoes through her mind, beckoning her to come to him. Trance-like, she moves through the corridors of the SSD towards Snoke’s throne room. Kylo tries to stop her, begging her to snap out of it, but cannot get through to her - Snoke’s grip on her mind is too strong.
    • Rose has cracked the door to the command deck - it is mysteriously empty. Rose, Finn and Poe race to the controls - they’re horrified to realise that a kamikaze protocol has been activated. The door they entered through drops shut, deadlocked. The ship is going down with them on board!
    • Rey and Kylo find themselves before Snoke. Snoke gives Kylo a final opportunity to ‘redeem’ himself by killing Rey, presenting her as the perfect victim - she would be powerless to stop him, unaware that a blow was even to be expected. Kylo refuses, disgusted by the cowardice Snoke is asking him to display, tossing his lightsaber aside. He is confused when Snoke seems pleased, smiling as he releases his hold on Rey’s mind. Snoke never for a moment thought that Kylo would actually kill Rey - the plan was always to use Kylo to lure her to him. Rey comes back to herself and is terrified by the awful sight of Snoke, stepping back. Snoke soothes her and asks if she wants to learn the truth about her family. Rey can’t help but say yes.
    • At this moment, Luke arrives - he draws his lightsaber for the first time, and tells Rey not to listen to Snoke. But Snoke continues. The truth - the truth that Skywalker knew but wouldn’t tell her - is that Luke struck her parents down in his holy war against the dark side. Rey refuses to believe it, but Snoke enters her mind and draws to the surface a repressed memory - a younger Luke and his men fighting a clan, dispatching a young woman and a man. Rey herself is left sobbing in the snowy woods, all alone and at the mercy of the people trader who stole her and traded her for some scrap metal on Jakku.
    • Snoke asks Rey if she wants to learn further truths - this time, truths about the Force itself. She agrees and Luke and Kylo both attack Snoke together. Kylo, his mental strength weakened from his earlier efforts to heal his mother, is tossed aside easily, being left dazed and prone by a blow to the head. Luke is incredibly strong, but Snoke’s mental abilities are unparalleled - he holds Luke at bay as he beckons Rey to his side, and they both vanish through a hidden door at the back of the throne room.
    • The film ends with Luke and Kylo entombed in Snoke’s throne room, Rose, Poe and Finn trapped on the command deck, and Rey looking out at the stars through the window of Snoke’s private shuttle as she is taken to commence the next stage of her training. 


    Take it with a grain of salt.  Some embellishment here and there, but this is roughly what the film is looking like from the rumor mill. 

  4. Act Two

    • Kylo and the Knights of Ren turn up along the coast of Ahch-To after a difficult landing - both their ships crash on account of the storm. Filled with pent up anger, Kylo thinks of ways to draw Luke and Rey out. He then spots the Force tree.
    • Rey and Luke, who had been waiting on the other side of the island, are startled by the smell of burning. Luke orders that Rey stay put, but Rey is horrified - she has become deeply connected to the island and feels its destruction as a physical pain. She refuses to stand back and do nothing as Kylo destroys everything, running along the beach to confront him. 
    • Meanwhile, Finn and Rose - with DJ in tow - have regrouped with the Resistance, who have fled to the old Rebel base on Crait. After a power struggle Admiral Holdo has seized control from Leia (who was injured in a FO attack), demoting Poe in an attempt to undermine his standing in the Resistance. Undeterred Poe goes behind Holdo's back to press forward with the original plan - with DJ's help, Finn and Rose are to infiltrate and plant bombs on the Super Star Destroyer. They have had no word that Rey and Luke are coming, so have had to resort to their own resources to try and bring down the First Order.
    • In the attack on the Resistance that injured Leia, Rose's sister Paige was killed. Rose is devastated but the tragedy strengthens her resolve, and convinces her to press ahead and help Finn despite her own self-doubt and lack of confidence. She wishes to honour her sister's memory by truly contributing to the fight against the First Order.
    • Rey confronts Kylo, putting on a show of bravado and goading him to fight her, drawing him away from the tree. The rain intensifies, dousing the flames consuming the tree. Kylo orders his men to go and subdue Luke - he is intent on facing Rey alone.
    • Rey and Kylo fight their way up the cliff edge. Kylo dominates the fight and clearly has the upper hand, being at peak physical strength and being utterly driven by his rage and determination to complete his training by killing Rey. At a loss for what to do, Rey - overwhelmed by her own frustration, fear and exhaustion - expresses complete bafflement over Kylo. She doesn't understand how two good people could have a child who went so badly wrong. She doesn't understand how a student of a peacemaker like Luke could enact a massacre. Kylo is made even more angry by what he hears, but he finds the focus of his anger shifting from Rey to Luke - as far as he is concerned, Rey has been grievously misled. He fights back against his doubt and continues pressing Rey towards the cliff edge. She is clearly frightened - Luke's lessons on tranquillity and trust in the Force haven't been fully learnt. Kylo falters but continues to push her towards the edge. Her feet slipping on the wet ground, Rey slips and falls backwards from the cliff.
    • Finn and Rose make it into the Super Star Destroyer with DJ's help, disguising themselves as officers taking him into custody. DJ and Finn and Rose separate to enact the further stages of the mission, which involves planting explosives in the hope of killing Supreme Leader Snoke.
    • Kylo is disturbed to realise he's horrified that Rey has fallen, tormented by the thought that she was lost before he could tell her the truth. He doesn't truly want Rey dead - despite everything, he still wants to teach her. Before he can dwell on it, Luke - having neatly dispatched all of Kylo's men - confronts him. 
    • Rey is helped from the water by the sea monster who she befriended during her earlier trials, and she looks up to see Kylo and Luke fighting on the cliff - Kylo is clearly attempting to use his saber against his uncle, but Luke has no weapon but his mind. Luke, formidably powerful, subdues Kylo. When Rey appears Luke asks her to decide on Kylo's fate. Rey says that they should take Kylo prisoner and return to the Resistance with him in tow. Luke refuses to leave the island or allow Rey to leave without completing her training, but agrees that Kylo can be imprisoned. Wishing to keep Rey far from his influence, Luke asks the Guardians of the Whills to keep Kylo prisoner on the other side of the island.
    • Close to the completion of their mission, Finn and Rose are betrayed to the First Order by DJ, who, in a mercenary fashion, aligns himself with whichever side happens to offer him the best compensation. They are turned over to Phasma, who clearly has a particularly cruel revenge planned. 
    • Luke attempts to continue to train Rey, but she is sullen and less eager than before. Kylo's words to her on the cliff have filled her with doubt and mistrust, and she knows she needs to see him again and her more about his perspective. Drawing upon her strong skill with the mind trick, she is able to get into the hut where Kylo is being held prisoner. A kind of parallel training is initiated - Rey hears more about Kylo's perspective on the Force, and is told his side of the story. His parents were well-intentioned but ultimately ineffectual and dangerous because of their misplaced idealism; his uncle was a warmonger and a zealot intent on following a false and perverted doctrine of the Force. He even teases that Snoke has knowledge of her background, and might know who her parents were. Rey still doesn't trust or fully believe him, but she at least has some understanding of him and his perspective. He seems more open than Luke, and the lessons he offers are more intriguing and seductive. 
    • Phasma is intent on making Finn suffer by hurting those closest to him. She tortures Rose, and promises the same treatment for Rey once she finds her. Finn feels helpless and is wracked with guilt, wishing he had convinced Rose to stay behind and leave the mission to him.
    • With her frustration from their isolation growing, Rey uses the Falcon radio to contact the Resistance - she finds she can't reach any of her friends, only learning that the Resistance have moved base to Crait. More worried than ever before, she pleads with Luke to be allowed permission to leave. He refuses yet again, and Rey realises she has to find an alternative solution. She will not spend another night on the island.
    • Driven to breaking point by Phasma's brutality, Finn draws upon his training and his resolve to fight back, overcoming one of his guards and seizing their weapon. Phasma and Finn fight, with the fight culminating in a victory for Finn as he takes Phasma's arm off. Finn and Rose, worse for wear, escape to Crait - the mission may have failed, but at least they're still alive.
    • Rey goes to Kylo and offers him a choice - leave with her and return to his mother and the Resistance, or remain at Luke's mercy in the hope that the First Order will appear and take him from the island. Kylo is shocked by the offer, unused to what he can only perceive as an undeserved act of kindness and trust. Despite himself, he feels more shame and regret than ever before. Rey attempts to justify the offer by saying that she had to at least give Leia the opportunity to confront her son again, but she also has her own selfish reasons for involving him in her plans - Kylo represents all the forbidden knowledge and training that Luke won't give her.
    • Kylo agrees to go with Rey, but just before they can leave and enact the plan Luke appears in the doorway. He is incandescent with rage, and is clearly convinced that Rey is lost as a student of the true Force - she has been corrupted, as Kylo was. The walls of the hut tremble until it explodes completely from the sheer force of Luke's mind, with Rey and Kylo being showered with rubble. Everyone is tense and shaken, but before anything else can unfold the First Order arrives with a vengeance - reinforcements have been sent to retrieve Kylo Ren. Rey and Kylo flee towards the Falcon, but as he approaches it Kylo finds he can't step onboard the ship of the father he murdered - he loses his nerve and runs, leaving Rey feeling more alone and betrayed than before. Out of options, Rey and Chewie leave, battling TIE fighters in their escape.


  5. Here is a rough outline of Act One based on leaks and the trailer.  The leaks come from the same source as TFA, which ended up being 90% correct, so I would take this fairly seriously.  If you don't want to know the film's plot and basic outline, don't read this! 




    Act 1:

    • A freshly healed Kylo Ren goes to Snoke, dressed in his full mask and regalia. Snoke reprimands him for his failure and for falling prey to his compassion for the scavenger. Kylo vows to destroy her - Snoke tells him that when Rey is dead by his hand, his training will finally be complete. Humiliated and angered by his experience with Snoke, filled with self-loathing, Kylo pulls off the mask in the lift and destroys it (see the trailer shot).
    • Rey attempts to hand Luke the lightsaber, but he refuses and rules out a return to the Resistance. Rey is dismayed and confused, becoming angry. Luke storms off and Rey is left alone.
    • D'Qar is evacuated as it comes under attack from the First Order forces, including Kylo Ren.
    • Kylo Ren sees his mother in the distance attempting to board a fleeing ship.  They look at each other, Kylo turns away letting her escape. 
    • As a result of the attack on D'Qar, Kylo discovers the location of Rey and Luke.
    • Rey, alone on the island, stumbles across the Force tree and experiences a terrifying vision - she sees the past (the destruction of the Temple) and abstract glimpses of the future. When she returns to herself, Luke is there. He explains what happened to his attempt to restart the Jedi Order, and then directs Rey to some books written by the ancient Jedi. The Jedi weren't what he thought they were, and they need to come to an end. Kylo Ren - tainted by Snoke - in particular represents a corruption of the Force that has to be purged. Rey doesn't think she can do it, having failed to deal the killing blow to Kylo on Starkiller Base. Luke is displeased, saying nothing.
    • The Resistance characters, including Finn, Poe and Leia, escape. Finn is woken up aboard the fleeing ship.
    • Leia and Poe brief Finn and send him on a mission to rendezvous with a source on Canto Bight. Rose, who has technical skills that will assist with the mission, is sent with him.
    • Kylo trains and prepares for his mission to Ahch-To. Even as he attempts to purge himself of sentiment and compassion, he is disturbed to realise that his weaknesses remain - he finds himself thinking of his mother, and feeling deep sorrow for his father. He still feels the pull to the light, and this is a source of anguish.
    • Luke won't train Rey in combat, but he will train her in the ways of the Force. He sets her tasks focused on communing with the natural forces on the island - so we get the sea monster interlude, and cute moments with the porgs.
    • Finn and Rose have their adventure on Canto Bight, sneaking around the casino and ascertaining the location of DJ.
    • Kylo prays to his grandfather's helmet for strength before assembling his men and leaving for the strike on Ahch-To.
    • On Ahch-To, Luke and Rey both sense that Kylo is coming. Rey is panicked and frightened, conscious that she has had no training and that Kylo will have had time to recover and prepare. Luke, meanwhile, is calm and passive - he seems unconcerned. It begins to rain as a storm gathers overhead.
    • Finn and Rose successfully break DJ out of jail, and they all flee on a fancy spaceship stolen from the 'parking lot' of the casino.



    • The resistance.  




      A Sullustan pilot who was vital in bringing his people into the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War, Nien Nunb continues to loyally serve Princess Leia Organa as a member of the Resistance.



      A skillful fighter pilot of Abednedo descent, C’ai Threnalli flies as Poe Dameron’s wingman following the evacuation of D’Qar.



      Now that the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance has escalated into open warfare, Poe shines as a daring squadron leader. Ever brash and foolhardy, his hot shot antics wear the patience of both First Order and Resistance command.



      Brave and loyal BB-8 continues his service to Poe Dameron, but also is a good friend and resourceful ally to Finn and Rose during their mission to thwart the First Order.





    • I'll post any pics and info in here from the upcoming Comic-Con panel for Lucasfilm.  

      Expecting a new trailer, I hear it's faster, and more intense. ;)


       Lot's of new toys hitting the market, we are sure to see the new armor, vehicles, and various weapons  used in the new movie.  

      Comic-Con is always the big reveal, so I'm expecting great things! 



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