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  1. Holy fucking shit. Holy fucking shit. Holy fucking shit. These are official released publicity stills in raw form (no backgrounds or photoshop yet). Snoke Snoke's Pretorian Guard Kylo Ren
  2. My thoughts on the films rumored outline. I'll spoiler text relevant material. What's posted above is similar to what was leaked for The Force Awakens. In the end, there were differences, some minor, some not, but the overall arc of the film was there, major details (like Han's end) were there, all the settings were accurate, the pacing was accurate, and I would say it gave a good sense of what the movie is without ruining the experience of watching it for the first time. Then again, I like knowing some plot going in, it makes a first viewing a little less jarring for me. So some character analysis. Serious spoilers ahead. I'll start with Luke. Rey Kylo Ren
  3. Act Three Take it with a grain of salt. Some embellishment here and there, but this is roughly what the film is looking like from the rumor mill.
  4. Here is a rough outline of Act One based on leaks and the trailer. The leaks come from the same source as TFA, which ended up being 90% correct, so I would take this fairly seriously. If you don't want to know the film's plot and basic outline, don't read this!
  5. The resistance. A Sullustan pilot who was vital in bringing his people into the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War, Nien Nunb continues to loyally serve Princess Leia Organa as a member of the Resistance. A skillful fighter pilot of Abednedo descent, C’ai Threnalli flies as Poe Dameron’s wingman following the evacuation of D’Qar. Now that the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance has escalated into open warfare, Poe shines as a daring squadron leader. Ever brash and foolhardy, his hot shot antics wear the patience of both First Order and Resistance command. Brave and loyal BB-8 continues his service to Poe Dameron, but also is a good friend and resourceful ally to Finn and Rose during their mission to thwart the First Order.
  6. Signs up say they won't display a lot of new toys until the panel, but here is a start.
  7. I'll post any pics and info in here from the upcoming Comic-Con panel for Lucasfilm. Expecting a new trailer, I hear it's faster, and more intense. Lot's of new toys hitting the market, we are sure to see the new armor, vehicles, and various weapons used in the new movie. Comic-Con is always the big reveal, so I'm expecting great things!
  8. Let's discuss The Last Jedi! I hear it's gonna be wizard, Ani. We still need to use spoiler text in the clubs as it will show up for anyone in the feed since it's public.
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