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ISO 7/18/1992?

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howdy CB - 

I haven't asked Kevin about whats in the vault but I will next time we connect. pretty certain there is no AUDs or we'd know about it. this is the message on the Phish.com tour archives:




This was an all ages, 1-set show opening for Santana.  It was Phish’s 1st show at Mann Music Center, a wooden outdoor amphitheatre in West Fairmount Park with a capacity of 14,000.  Trey used his microphone stand as a slide during Foam.  Reba was played right at sunset.  Taping was not allowed at the Santana shows and no audience recording is known to circulate.


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This show does exist, and I am friends with one of the tapers who recorded it.

I have the digital files for the set, for whatever it's worth. I'm coincidentally in the process of remastering it, since it doesn't circulate.

This isn't really public info yet (keep it on the DL for now.) I'll put it up on my Dropbox for you guys when I'm done with it. It'll be a bit, but there will be some type of phish.net blog post about it when it's done.

Edit: the info about the venue not allowing taping is correct. This was done with a stealth recording setup, hence it needing a bit of work.

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