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Baker's Dozen

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Most of us probably already have soundboards of these shows already, but they're releasing the Baker's Dozen (remixed) in a few different Box Set options:


ETA: The drygoods page seems to be a bit messed up (and missing info) at the moment, but here's the info:

The Baker's Dozen: Live At Madison Square Garden To Be Released As 3-CD, 6-LP Sets & Complete 13 Show 36-CD Limited Box Set

Last summer, Phish performed "The Baker's Dozen," a milestone 13-show run at Madison Square Garden held over 17 nights. During the run, the band performed 26 unique sets featuring a grand total of 237 songs with not one repeated. The Baker's Dozen earned accolades from a wide array of national publications, including a nod from Rolling Stone's David Fricke in his "Year In Rock 2017" wrap-up. "What I saw," wrote The New York Times' Ben Ratliff, " was a purposeful band in energetic form, better than I've seen and heard recently, more willing to let songs assume their own proportions, and going far into its own catalog." "The Baker's Dozen isn't the first time Phish has defied logic," noted The Huffington Post. "It'll keep fans guessing how this veteran band, or anyone, can possibly top it."

We're excited to announce the release of The Baker's Dozen, available for pre-order now in three formats: a 3-CD or 6-LP set (with 13 tracks hand-picked by the band) and The Complete Baker's Dozen Box Set, which includes the ENTIRE run on 36-CDs. Legendary engineer Elliot Scheiner (Steely Dan, Van Morrison) has remixed each show.

The Complete Baker's Dozen Box Set includes every note of music from the historic 13-night run on 36 discs. Included in the fully custom box are all 13 individually packaged shows, an 86-page book with full color photographs from the run, an extensive essay featuring new interviews with each band member, Baker's Dozen setlist journals, an embroidered patch, commemorative tickets, a complete set of eight mini-prints and a brand new Jim Pollock screen print (7"x10", signed by Pollock). The Complete Baker's Dozen will be limited to ONE PRINTING and when it's gone, it's gone.

The Baker's Dozen: Live At Madison Square Garden (all formats) will be released November 30th. Both the 3-CD and 6-LP sets will be available in limited supplies in stores. The Limited Edition Complete Baker's Dozen Box will only be available from Phish Dry Goods.

Pre-order today from The Donut Shop at Phish Dry Goods. If you order any of the three releases, all other donut merch in the shop will be 20% off. The 3-CD and 6-LP sets ship for just $4.99 and The Complete Baker's Dozen Box Set ships FREE.

Pre-order now at https://drygoods.phish.com/dept/the-donut-shop

Disc 1 
1. Blaze On 
July 29 (Cinnamon)
2. Roggae
July 22 (Strawberry)
3. Simple 
August 6 (Glazed)
4. More
July 23 (Red Velvet)

Disc 2 
1. Twist > 
July 23 (Red Velvet)
2. Waves
July 23 (Red Velvet)
3. Everything's Right
July 21 (Coconut)
4. Chalk Dust Torture
July 28 (Double Chocolate)
5. Miss You
July 23 (Red Velvet)

Disc 3 
1. No Men In No Man's Land
August 4 (Lemon)
2. Scents And Subtle Sounds 
August 4 (Lemon)
3. Ghost 
August 5 (Boston Cream)
4. Most Events Aren't Planned 
August 6 (Glazed)

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I still prefer owning physical media.  However, I really have no interest in the replica (and often cheap / tiny) memorabilia that always seem to accompany these big box sets.  Just give me the pristine audio and video.

Pink Floyd is a terrible offender (who wants a bunch of marbles??), whereas bands like King Crimson do it much better and sell 25+ disc sets for under $150.

All that said, I am considering this particular box.  I never downloaded any of the SBD’s in hopes of a professionally mixed/mastered release.

Next to BC, this is pretty much the most significant thing they’ve done and I think it’s cool that they aren’t just going to sit on it forever.  I suspect BC will come out in due course.

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If they don’t release it for the 20 year anniversary, I’m sort of doubtful. I was so sure we’d get it in 2010. 

Ive read interviews with some of the band members about Cypress, and I think Trey said he never wanted to listen to it again. The show was perfect in his memory, he did t want to ruin it by going back and playing the tapes. To that I say, let Mike do it. 

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I'll probably get the 3-CD set. $19.99 isn't bad to have CD-quality versions of some of those tracks.

My own 3-disc 'best of' track list would look quite different from the songs they selected (they really needed to include Miss You?), but there are some good tracks on there. 

Not sure I need to pre-order now for a November 28th release date though. They're clearly going for holiday sales, but I want it now.

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