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  1. TeleMark

    The Divided Sky

    They've been in an ongoing pissing match with the department of redundancy department for years.
  2. TeleMark

    Rail Protocol - Does it Exist?

    Never for Phish (the few shows I've been to were not GA). Been on the rail at many smaller shows, including Yonder, Joe Jackson, and Psychedelic Furs. I did get very close to the rail for the Dead at RFK in `93. We got in late during the opening act, and somehow struck up a conversation with a blonde in a US Flag bikini top. She was looking for her "friend," and we followed her about 3 people from the rail. She proceeded to pull out a flag rolling-paper "cigarette" (she must have been feeling really patriotic that day) and shared the space. Fun show.
  3. TeleMark

    what do you think are the best Phish studio tracks?

    I've always really liked "Army of One" from Undermind.