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  1. medeski7

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    If the answer to the question of whether enough safe water could have been obtained to hold the festival was "maybe," then cancelling was the right move. I'm sure some floated ideas of how sufficient water might have been available. Those with a more cautious approach have to look at the what ifs. What if the trucks we're counting on can't get the water? What if the roads those trucks need to take are not safe to drive? Worst of all, what if we allow tens of thousands of people in the grounds and don't have enough safe water? There's too much risk, too much uncertainty and too much at stake for them to risk a decision like that. It sucks. Especially for the band, the crew, and for the fans that invested so much. After analyzing this every way I can, I really believe that this was the best decision. It's also a decision that nobody took lightly.
  2. medeski7

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    So long as they prepare the site properly you'll be fine. Traffic will be a bit worse. On the plus side, the whether should stay cool. Rain should be gone completely by day 1.
  3. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Tonight slayed. It was an 100% redemption from last night. Seriously awesome. The venue was ready to explode anyway (first Phish shows post renovation, lower energy last night). I couldn't be happier. Hope all you Curveballers get a couple sets like what happened tonight. I don't want to crash I'm so pumped from the show.
  4. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Alpharetta was the shit. I'm in agreement. Those shows crushed in comparison to everything else this tour.
  5. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    I wouldn't call it a joke. I respect the boys wanting to play a bunch of new material. However, first set as played sucked a lot of energy out of the show. Second set was decent, but the energy loss from set one was hard to recover from. Second set was super short too, so then they played a long encore. Vibe wise people's mindset was too little too late. It was a fun show, but overall lackluster. Really hoping they bring the fire tonight.
  6. medeski7

    Tom Marshall and his Under The Scales podcast

    Monk's. Best beer bar in Philly, IMO.
  7. medeski7

    Fall Tour 2018

    Looks like I got one of the two nights of Hampton I requested. Should be a fun 40th birthday.
  8. medeski7

    Phish Rumor Thread

    Yep. I've never seen anything like it.
  9. medeski7

    Phish Rumor Thread

  10. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    They were pulling random singles on dumb luck. Had a friend get one. I must have tried a few dozen times today and got nothing.
  11. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Please tell me you pulled these. I want them.
  12. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    You let me know if you need to part with them. I love some not so great MPP pavs.
  13. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    I just got screwed with all lawns. They are currently for sale.
  14. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Still waiting. Hoping to get some MPP pavs. I will not be on the lawn.
  15. medeski7

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Dear Phish fan masses (but not people on osyrus): If you live up north and want to see a bunch of shows, please focus on Camden. It's a really great venue, lovely that time of year really, with a nice boat ferry to take you to and fro. I highly recommend you go to those shows and then save your energy for Watkins. -Signed MPP local wanting great seats and seeing the social media world post they all want to go to MPP.