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  1. libowski

    Hot Box

    got to play, red black 3 or 4
  2. libowski

    Phish New Year’s at MSG: 12/28-31

    Does anyone have an extra 12/31 anywhere in the building? I have a single 12/29 (in 300s) & 12/30 (in 400s) that I could trade.
  3. libowski

    Phish New Year’s at MSG: 12/28-31

    i pulled 1 for 12/30, but struck out for 12/31. i actually checked out for 12/31 (even entered the 3 digit code for my cc) and then the order didn't go thru and TM locked out my computer and wouldn't let me "complete an order from this device." WTF, so frustrating
  4. libowski

    Huge General Phish Thread

    i bought tix yesterday too! i'm staying at barcelo again b/c it's the cheapest (and the convenience factor). i took a shower at setbreak in my room after going in the water 1st set and was back in time for second set no problem, haha. Is the host resort the one to be at, or is it a hassle dealing with a sudden flood of people around showtime? - they can only go into the show area, not the pool/other areas of barcelo.... they have a different entrance from their buses... so there wasn't a sudden flood of people around showtime. can't vouch for any of the other resorts, but it was fun to be at the barcelo (despite the subpar food). About how many people were at the shows, and how good was the sound out across the pool or sea water? - we could hear sound check by the pool really well, but we were in one of the rooms closest to the venue... you probably couldn't hear that well at some parts of the resort, it's huge. i was in the venue for all the shows the first year and the sound was great... i heard there were 5K tix sold the first year, not sure if that changed. Did you do any of the off site excursions through the resorts? If so, which ones? - i did the chicen itza and tulum excursions... i had never been to mexico and wanted to do some cultural stuff, not just be at an all inclusive resort the whole time (where the food stunk, btw). i would recommend both! did pretty much everyone show up for the 4 day stay or were there a lot of folks that extended? - not sure... i was there for the 4 day stay and extended 1 day so i could do chichen itza. let me know if you have more questions and hope to see you at barcelo!!!
  5. libowski

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    People are still pulling pavs for MPP right now
  6. libowski

    NYE 2017 - Long Awaited Return to The Garden

    ISO 12/31. TIcketmaster nightmare yesterday.
  7. libowski

    NYE 2017 - Long Awaited Return to The Garden

    entered lotto for 12/30 and 12/31!
  8. libowski

    Baker's Dozen

    @Uh!Wasabi - remember the fiddlehead guys from our pool in Mexico! check out the pic dustin posted above. hahaha, so funny, love it.
  9. libowski

    Baker's Dozen

    the bottom poster made me think of trump maybe the orange...
  10. libowski

    Baker's Dozen

    i'm really excited to be there a week from now! here's hoping they keep it up.
  11. libowski

    Phish NYE MSG Run Announced

    no comparison btwn suck to blow and this one, having witnessed both. i loved this gag.
  12. libowski

    Phish NYE MSG Run Announced

    had to look it up... so good - https://mobile.twitter.com/Inner_Chi/status/814692804811259905/video/1 please god, never let me become a livephish stream meme.
  13. libowski

    Phish NYE MSG Run Announced

    i pulled a NYE ticket during a re-release today. i guess i'm heading to NYC
  14. libowski

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    Struck out for vegas
  15. libowski

    Summer '16 Tour Dates

    Dudes, I don't even know who I am anymore... I realized I spaced on the bill Graham shows on sale at about 12:03 today, but I couldn't even hop on it because I had a coworker at my desk. I have my gorge tix but only Tuesday night for SF. Let me know if you hear of extra Monday's and Wednesday's for bill graham. Thanks, corporate lib edit - I have an extra gorge each night if that helps