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  1. Corporate Boy

    ISO 7/18/1992?

    Way to blow my mind guys! I had friends who were at the show and we were trying to find the tape.
  2. Corporate Boy

    ISO 7/18/1992?

    Does this tape exist? Thanks!
  3. Lucky enough to catch the Prairie Home Show show in person!
  4. Corporate Boy

    Idea: Show of the Week?

    Me and my friend occasionally do virtual tour on archive.org. We pick a show that happened that day in history and listen to it. We are both programmers, so we burn through a lot of music. Usually it is a Dead show. But I'm down for this.
  5. Corporate Boy

    All Things Mike Gordon

    FYI - Modulus is building Mike a new bass. Modulus briefly shut their doors and changed owners and luthers. They recently reopened.
  6. Corporate Boy

    One-off or rare versions of Phish songs

    I love the reggae dance hall version of Lengthwise. I laugh all the way through
  7. Corporate Boy

    Huge General Phish Thread

    HA... I had that on VHS back in the '90s. Someone stole it and for the longest time I felt like I would never see it again.
  8. Corporate Boy

    Phish Rumor Thread

    They have oxygen masks all around colorado. When you climb the stairs at Redrocks they will have an oxygen tank waiting for you. So having an oxygen tank backstage at Dicks doesn't surprise me. This could even be a boutique oxygen from a local oxygen bar. Ever see the backstage video of Bob Weir, Billy K backstage with the dentist chair in the football lock room doing work on gumby? Phish playing with an oxygen backstage is just normal tour hi jinx. If someone was really sick I don't think Mike would be putting it on his instagram.
  9. Corporate Boy

    Phish Rumor Thread

    Come on... its probably a joke. Trey was wearing a let Fish suck shirt. He was sucking oxygen. The dude was sprinting around the stage friday night and jumping off the Grand Piano after playing a 3 hour show.
  10. Corporate Boy

    Live Bait Compilations from Kevin Shapiro

    I dig that YEM!
  11. Corporate Boy

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of Page's thesis. But really at that point I'm sure he already knew he was going pro. But mostly IMO it is dribble.
  12. Corporate Boy

    Phish Summer Tour 2015

    The Rolling Stones interview implied that Trey was meeting up with the rest of Phish before the FTW shows to practice.
  13. Corporate Boy

    TAB 2 night Halloween Run - Las Vegas

    I'm surprised bands are already announcing Halloween gigs. I understand that venues have to book that stuff way in advance. I haven't checked prices for these tickets, but I'm wondering if they expect it would be harder to sell out the venue, either do to cost or competition. I'm wondering if they are trying to make it a "destination" gig or people.
  14. Corporate Boy

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I actually didn't get the release or the tapes at the time there were released. I was among the crowd that was growing away from Phish during that time because of the lot scene changes and their "funk" stuff wasn't my bag at the time. The sound at the shows were pretty crummy IMO, which really killed it for me. Phish 3.0 has mix just right. Plus Phil Lesh was beginning to tour again around that time, which was a really big deal at the time. So he caught me attention big time, plus I had the opportunity to see a ton of smaller bands just starting out. Anyway.... I occasionally heard HCA at parties, but mostly that music and the moments were just memories for me. It wasn't until recently I picked up a copy, which was surprisingly hard to do. Its out of print. Hampton was always important to me, so I had to search for a mint unopened copy. It wasn't that hard, but it wasn't as simple as going to a record store. I'm glad I picked it up. I never listen to it now, because the music is kind of rough. The groove on the Mike's Song jam is tight though, even tighter then Hampton '97. I had a blast that weekend and thought the music was wonderful that night. I don't really know my mindset at the time, so I don't know why I didn't pick up the album or at least the tapes.
  15. Corporate Boy

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I don't think it was a safe release for them.... A Safe release would be another smaller package like Slip I think they got caught up in the moment after having a fun weekend and said lets release it. At that point they were still in the moment, meaning they weren't about to go in their archive, even if it was from the previous year for a show release. At the time I remember reading interviews to that effect. An official boxset release was planned, but they didn't know what and then Hampton '98 happened and when they came off stage thinking Hampton was a lot of fun to play, so lets release that one.