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  1. teenagewasteland

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    A chair...from your campsite AT the festival???!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!
  2. Myself, @Greta, and our significant others.
  3. teenagewasteland

    Baker's Dozen

  4. teenagewasteland

    Couch Tour

    No need to apologize. Dead and Co are boring and slow for large portions of their playing. Mayer can rip a strong solo and sometimes brings a unique voice to this music but for the most part, there’s nothing new here. I’m sure it’s a good time singing along and feels like home for everyone who goes. But strictly speaking about the music, there’s nothing energetic or inspired here IMO.
  5. teenagewasteland

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

  6. teenagewasteland

    Fall Tour 2018

  7. teenagewasteland

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    @Flusterphonic I went to college in Buffalo and occasionally go back to visit for gluttonous food tours. PM me if you want/need any suggestions for things to do, or the best ways to clog your arteries. That’s kind of what they do in Western New York (“NOT Upstate”.)
  8. teenagewasteland

    Phish Rumor Thread

    Most recent list:
  9. teenagewasteland

    Phish Rumor Thread

    I’m not giving it any credit. I just like spreading Phish tour rumors. 🤷‍♂️
  10. teenagewasteland

    Phish Rumor Thread

    The Nassau Coliseum on my birthday is too much to process and I therefore don't believe a word of this list.
  11. teenagewasteland

    Just Jams

    Thank YOU for doing what you do. Your site has kept me going through many hours of boring-as-hell clerical work. Love it!
  12. teenagewasteland

    Helping Friendly Podcast

    I am! I listen to them whenever I can, usually on the treadmill. That’s so cool that’s you’ll have the opportunity to talk about this stuff with fairly knowledgeable and definitely passionate fans. You’re basically living my dream lol.
  13. teenagewasteland

    Phish Rumor Thread

    Oh I went into that ihop once or twice during the ‘09 return. No thanks.
  14. teenagewasteland

    Phish Rumor Thread

    Haha, that is funny. But really, any suggestions?