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  1. phishjustjams

    Just Jams

    Just posted our Top 40 Phish Just Jams tracks of 1998 Enjoy!
  2. phishjustjams

    Just Jams

    We have an Android app currently and are finally in the process of having one made for iOS. Don't have a timetable yet to when that will be ready but it is in the works.
  3. phishjustjams

    Just Jams

    Don't forget what Mike is wearing or whether its sleeveless Trey or fashion Trey.
  4. phishjustjams

    Just Jams

    http://www.phishjustjams.com/?songs=Blaze_On,Tube,Twist,Steam,Stash,Split,Sparks,Makisupa,Light_Up_or_Leave_Me_Alone This 4/20 playlist can help the weekend get off to a good start
  5. phishjustjams

    The Divided Sky

    Is a little consistency too much to ask for?
  6. phishjustjams

    Just Jams

    Hey everyone, just joined tonight and look forward to checking out this forum. Thanks for sharing the site and glad to see you're using the filters to customize your experience. If you include the TAB stuff from 2002-03 under the Bands filter it ends up being over 3 solid weeks of nothing but improv so you can always find something new. The archive has a bunch of playlists with filters already preset for you, broken down by the theme of the playlist. The Playlist filter has a few themed playlists such as Bliss, Hose, Dark/Evil, Ambient, Festivals etc. plus our Top 25 series where we pick our top jams from a select year into a playlist if you want all killer, no filler. Thanks again for sharing and look forward to contributing here. Cheers!