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  1. solidsnake

    Huge General Phish Thread

    This is fucking heartbreaking. What the fuck is wrong with people? It's time to dose the water supply.
  2. solidsnake

    Huge General Phish Thread

    It's really hard to compare his 90s tone with his current tone because his touch has changed so much since then, which has more impact on tone than gear does. It's almost like Trey assesses his chops solely on the basis of whether he can play his songs without flubs, and not on his improvisational vocabulary, phrasing or general control over the instrument.
  3. solidsnake

    4/8/90 & 4/8/92 Released!

    I meant the shows and yup, that works. thanks!
  4. solidsnake

    4/8/90 & 4/8/92 Released!

    Will they be hosted here or elsewhere online or is it d/l only?
  5. solidsnake

    Trey retards his singing on certain songs.

    uhm, what improvement in his guitar playing?
  6. solidsnake

    Phish - Big Boat

    Awful. Has Phish done anything good since 2000?
  7. solidsnake

    Summer Tour 2016

    So has phish stopped jamming? I saw the LA show last night and every single decent moment was ruined by Trey forcing a segue to something else or a return back to the main groove. It has to be intentional - an experiment to see if they can pull off the classic rock band thing of just playing a bunch of songs from their catalog, with little to no stretching out. Well, they can't. Without the improvisation, phish has no magic. Somebody should tell Trey.
  8. solidsnake

    Summer Tour 2016

    Trey's new spruce doc sounds much, much, much better than that ocelot doc. Amazing what a little wood will do
  9. solidsnake

    Billy Joel is a Freaking Bu*thole

    i know, i know, we're not allowed to be critical of phish. i forgot that millennials have adopted borg collective rules -- assimilate or die. Apologies if my opinion offends your sensibilities, snowflake! Edit: I hope it's clear that by "second rate cover band", that's just referring to their abilities with respect to covers only. They are very clearly first rate at a number of other tasks which don't include covering songs they likely rehearsed 1x backstage.
  10. solidsnake

    Billy Joel is a Freaking Bu*thole

    been seeing phish for >20 years but to be fair they are second rate cover band. even they would probably admit to this. they dont reinvent songs a la jimi's all along the watchtower and they dont really have the vocal strength to capture the magic of the songs they tend to cover. '94 halloween is the major exception to the above. they knocked that sh*t out of the park