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  1. Jeff Goldberg

    ISO 7/18/1992?

    This show does exist, and I am friends with one of the tapers who recorded it. I have the digital files for the set, for whatever it's worth. I'm coincidentally in the process of remastering it, since it doesn't circulate. This isn't really public info yet (keep it on the DL for now.) I'll put it up on my Dropbox for you guys when I'm done with it. It'll be a bit, but there will be some type of phish.net blog post about it when it's done. Edit: the info about the venue not allowing taping is correct. This was done with a stealth recording setup, hence it needing a bit of work.
  2. Jeff Goldberg

    Couch Tour

    Trey, what are you doing to the poor Guelah vocals? 😯
  3. Heh, I thought the same thing when I read that, but chose to not point it out.
  4. Jeff Goldberg

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I agree with this 100%, combined with the fact that he's never quite gotten his chops back fully since then. He's certainly been a lot better lately with hitting the right notes [for his own songs], but any time I throw on a killer mid-to-late '90s show, I'm like "ohhh yeah, I almost forget how Trey used to crush these tunes."
  5. Jeff Goldberg

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I think what we're hearing is a combination of Trey not using his compressor as much along with using overdrive(s) other than his Tubescreamers (I think he has a Klon Centaur in his rig now, if I'm not mistaken.) Full disclosure: I'm not into his more raspy, nasally tone as of late at all, and I'll just leave it at that.
  6. Jeff Goldberg

    Huge General Phish Thread

    There are like three or four Live Bait releases from a few years ago I somehow missed out on, and I'm bummed that they charge you $10 for the previous editions. So now, as soon as a new one comes out, I immediately "purchase" it and add it to 'My Stash.' Thanks for the heads-up.
  7. Jeff Goldberg

    Tom Marshall and his Under The Scales podcast

    http://www.osirispod.com/ The Osiris Podcast Network
  8. Jeff Goldberg

    Couch Tour

    Bob Weir singing the Jerry songs kills them for me. I can barely listen to them play Scarlet. I actually think the music sounds decent for the most part, and Mayer does the guitar parts pretty well... but for the love of God, Bobby- stick to the songs you were meant to sing.
  9. Jeff Goldberg

    The Divided Sky

    Haha, of course it's a joke... I didn't actually think that Trey filed a real legal petition, if that's what you mean. That is what Scott sent me in order to back up his argument that The Divided Sky should be labeled as 'Divided Sky' on Phish.net, despite them being so anal about things like a > vs. a -> and such.
  10. Jeff Goldberg

    The Divided Sky

    Indeed, but are we sure that in the case of 'the divided sky' that it's not? In the land of Gamehendge, isn't it possible that a regular temporal phenomenon occurs which results in the sky appearing 'divided,' and said event is the impetus for the three chosen people to make the pilgrimage to the Rhombus and pay homage to Icculus? 🤓
  11. Jeff Goldberg

    The Divided Sky

    Valid point, but on the other hand, when you were taking pictures of the eclipse, did you refer to it as "an eclipse" or THE eclipse?
  12. Jeff Goldberg

    The Divided Sky

    Yes, but LivePhish releases are inconsistent in and of themselves. The song 'Timber (Jerry The Mule)' has been listed as 'Timber', 'Timber (Jerry)', etc. as one example, so if in doubt, I've been allowing the studio releases to trump the LivePhish track names.
  13. Jeff Goldberg

    The Divided Sky

    So, I was having a seriously geeky email debate with Charlie Dirksen and Scott Marks (from Phish.net) about the official name of this song, and why Phish.net uses the word 'the' in front of almost every song except for this one. While doing the tracking of these shows I've been remastering lately, I try to be as technically correct with the song names as I can, so it seemed inconsistent to me that Phish.net would use The Horse, The Lizards, The Sloth, The Landlady, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, etc... but *not* The Divided Sky, when it clearly is the official name of the song since it was actually printed on a studio album release. Scott sent me this photo, which was from late in 2010. I lol'ed. Especially at the "Seriously, I really have to Jiboo" part. 🤣
  14. Jeff Goldberg

    4/8/90 & 4/8/92 Released!

    Thanks, Clinton! I'm working on more uncirculated stuff right now, so there's more to come. And yeah, iZotope makes some really kick-ass software. I have their whole Music Production Suite and the RX Post Production Suite, Ozone 8, Neutron 2... RX 6 is some of the most amazing restoration software I've ever used. It continually amazes me. They're located a few miles from where I live, I've many times considered dropping by there.
  15. Jeff Goldberg

    4/8/90 & 4/8/92 Released!

    You can stream the .wav files directly from a web browser on a computer or from the Dropbox app: 4/8/90: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/woh4bm1yb6g9268/AAAwC4qjFA3JbYzZN6T0Vvgxa?dl=0 4/8/92: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gw4q6nrt01wxjhm/AACELdjD5FLJFjHX8TJ3z_s4a?dl=0