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  1. Pole

    Couch Tour

    Funny, I woke up randomly whistling Birds this morning.
  2. Pole

    Couch Tour

    Unless you're completely retuning, which isn't likely as most touring musicians have multiple guitars/basses for that purpose, you usually only need to turn the tuners little bit. Probably still doable with those sweaty ass gym socks over them.
  3. Pole

    Slavephan Selects

    Thanks! I'm working my way through that tour and just listened to 10/5 this morning. I don't recall hearing about Bela sitting in on that tour.
  4. Pole

    Fall Tour 2018

    Flights booked for Nashville! $212 RT (non-stop) was too good to pass up.
  5. Pole

    Fall Tour 2018

    I pulled Tuesday seats for Nashville. My buddy got lawns one night and seats the other, but he's still waiting for an email to see if we have to play the Tues-for-Wed seats trading game or sell his lawns.
  6. Pole

    Fall Tour 2018

    Emails are out already. Seems usually fast.
  7. Pole

    Fall Tour 2018

    Hold Spreadsheet Confirms my guess.
  8. Pole

    Fall Tour 2018

    I put in for 4 both nights of Nashville and have a hold for $390. Guessing 1 night of pavilions as 8 lawns would be $400 + fees/shipping. Sound right?
  9. Pole

    Fall Tour 2018

    Contemplating putting in for Nashville.
  10. Pole

    4/8/90 & 4/8/92 Released!

    Thanks @Jeff Goldberg!
  11. Pole

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    If anyone has an extra Saturday and/or Sunday for Dick's (seats are fine!) hit me up. My buddy was unsuccessful today...
  12. Pole

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    In for Dick's!
  13. Pole

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Guy on street: See where it say rib tips? Clark: Rib tips. Guy on street: But fuck that, you don't wanna go that way. Rusty: I wonder if these guys know the Commodores.
  14. Pole

    Phish Rumor Thread

    The Foo Fighters have Deer Creek booked 7/26: https://www.livenation.com/events/714787-jul-26-2018-foo-fighters-concrete-and-gold-tour-18