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  1. Jenn

    Austin 360 Amphitheater - 7/28/2015

    I go to this venue multiple times a year for races (I can see my seats in one of the photos). It's such a huge facility, it's good to see that they allow show-goers to use a lot of the space. There is parking and facilities for literally hundreds of thousands of people. I've gotten used to the drive and don't think it's really that far out, especially not from the airport. Maybe I'll get to see Phish there one of these days.
  2. Jenn

    Bend, OR - Summer Tour Opener

    Bend is a lot of fun. I really should have wised up and acted like I was in much more discomfort from my LASIK. I could have "worked from home". Which would translate into actually working from a hotel that is close enough to get me to the shows after work. Dammit. So much jealous.
  3. Jenn

    Phish Summer Tour 2015

    Guess I need to get a ticket for Atlanta one of these days. Oh Lakehood... This is going to be an adventure...
  4. Jenn

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Ha! That's hilarious. My first time hearing Phish was Lawn Boy on tape. I loved it and it led me here all these years later. My teenage ears were just fine with it.
  5. Jenn

    Phish Summer Tour 2015

    Same here. I would looooooove for these shows to have been on a weekend. Oh well.
  6. Jenn

    Phish Summer Tour 2015

    At.lan.ta Yes.
  7. Jenn

    Phish Summer Tour 2015

    At first I was pissed because the Bend shows (which will be awesome... OMG.. outdoors in Oregon that time of year) are on the day before and day of my departure for summer vacation in Europe. And then i saw Atlanta... I'll be in town that weekend for a wedding! I'm all about it! Not to mention, the wedding is on Saturday and it's an evening event so I don't even have to get up early. Yes! Lakehood is scare-ville and I'd prefer Alpharetta, but oh well. Phish in the south. Good times. Oh.. and Austin tickets. I will be out of the country then, but I have a way of getting tickets to anything and everything at that venue so let me know if anyone wants to go to that one and I'll see what I can do.
  8. Jenn

    7/27/13 Gorge night 2

    She's a dirty girl. Downloading the show now for a relisten Had a great time hanging out with everyone from the boards as well. Great group of people we have here
  9. Jenn

    7/27/13 Gorge night 2

    Sally was definitely a good time.
  10. Jenn

    7/27/13 Gorge night 2

    My hair smells like a forest fire. Not a fan. I'll definitely pick night 1 as my favorite show of the two. Last night was a damn good time and I thought it was well played but there were quite a few songs that really don't do anything for me. Love the Gorge. So different from the east coast corporate venues. Very festival-like, lots of walking and getting dusty. Beautiful setting. People were generally quite nice. I could get used to this west coast Phish thing... Oh... Wait.. I could get used to doing this every couple of years when they venture to this side of the country
  11. Jenn

    7/17/2013 Alpharetta, GA

    Quiet thread tonight... Weather is not good here. Hopefully those in attendance still had fun and did not drown
  12. Jenn

    7/16/2013 Alpharetta, GA

    I normally hate Joy but it didn't really offend me last night. Not sure if it was the way it was played or set placement that made it much more tolerable but I actually soooooorta danced to it.
  13. Jenn

    7/16/2013 Alpharetta, GA

    That was a pretty good time. I'm really going to miss that venue. Loved the moody, backdrop focused (I don't know enough about lights to really talk about this) light setup this year, especially during Antelope when it got very... flowy? Waterlike? Set 2 is definitely my pick. A couple of slower points in Set 1 that called for a bathroom break but I didn't stop moving for Set 2 or the Encore.
  14. Jenn

    Phish Ticket Swap Meet

    Pretty sure I won't be able to make it to night 2 of ATL. Definitely rockin out to night 1 but I have somewhere I really need to be on the 17th. I have two pavilions that will need a new home. Face and fees.