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  1. cymbop

    Page McConnell - Page's house

    I was there, too, and just re-watched. Thinking about what this meant to Page (in the context of my own aging parents) made me wail like a baby. Thanks for posting.
  2. cymbop

    Couch Tour

    Is Fish rocking a new dress on this run? Looks extra fresh to me.
  3. cymbop

    Couch Tour

    Think Tank is precisely correct.
  4. cymbop

    Phish Anniversaries

    Yes. Yes indeed. When I was dating a girl 15 years ago and I wanted to help her understand what this Phish thing was all about, I sat her down to listen to this very set.
  5. cymbop

    Baker's Dozen

    With Mike on falsetto vocals.
  6. cymbop

    Baker's Dozen

    Any guesses about the horn-shaped thingie that's been on a table next to Mike all week and seems lit from within? My wild guess is a plasma tweeter akin to this thing I've heard at hi-fi shows, but I think I'm wrong.
  7. cymbop

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I was there, but don't remember Mike leaving the stage. I think it was more Trey implying that Mike had been musically absent from the set, and was finally getting his shit back together. Yeah, crummy show in Raleigh. Charlotte always gets the heat.
  8. cymbop

    Phish NYE MSG Run Announced

    That Melt, though!
  9. cymbop

    Phish NYE MSG Run Announced

    Apparently Morning Joe had some banter about MSG1 today. Mom felt pretty hip asking me how I'd liked the Star Spangled opener.
  10. cymbop

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/men/mens-ready-to-wear/mens-dress-shirts-sports-shirts/mens-fashion-shirts/floral-print-silk-duke-shirt-p-408602Z677A4535?listName=LookDetailsCarouselComponent&position=2 We spent a good deal of time last night trying to make sense of this situation. We failed.
  11. cymbop

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    Ziggy tonight. Mark it, Dude.
  12. cymbop


    This is a a suberb show and my first experience of JRAD. Can't believe the setlist notes missed the extensive tease of "Hip Hug Her" (Booker T. and the MG's) in Scarlet. Thanks for sharing, Wooks.
  13. cymbop


  14. cymbop

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    Got two tix both nights for Charleston; the other three quarters of our crew struck out.