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  1. matt b

    Baker's Dozen

    Safe to say that no matter what they play, jimmies will be rustled.
  2. matt b

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    So that was pretty awesome.
  3. matt b


    Well he's not dead-dead, he's only mostly dead. Which is slightly alive.
  4. matt b


    White Denim sounds alright but I was looking forward to hearing the same band I saw in the spring. New drummer and I guess the lead guitarist is gone. Scott Metzger was a damn fine fill-in, though.
  5. matt b


    FYI, looks like you don't even have to sign up for the free trial to be able to watch the live stream on Qello. You may have to create an account (I apparently had one already) but all I did was add the app, sign in, and I'm good to go! Now, I can't watch anything else they have (and it looks like they have a ton of great stuff) but I'm just in it for the live stream.
  6. matt b

    PHISH NYE Miami

    It's a good idea to spend a year dead every now and then, for tax reasons.
  7. matt b

    Phish Summer Tour 2014

  8. matt b

    Phish Summer Tour 2014

    Bigby Wolf is looking mighty dapper.
  9. matt b

    Fuego - f.k.a. Wingsuit

    Granted, he only produced 2 songs on Corsicana Lemonade (and mixed a couple others), but those 2 songs sounds pretty damn good. Not sure that Tweedy likes Phish enough to even consider it, though. I know he used to not care much for them, at least.
  10. matt b

    Fuego - f.k.a. Wingsuit

    You're assuming "stupid" isn't the goal.