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  1. just Nate

    Huge General Phish Thread

    now that is disappointing but this release.. awesome! I need some focus music for work today.
  2. just Nate

    Huge General Phish Thread

    This reminds me of something Trey said rambling at Coventry.. something like.. "so when you go back to your campfires you can argue about whether (something about harry hood sounding different because of where they were standing)" and i was just thinking ... dude, you've been at this for how long.. you know cant have campfires...
  3. just Nate

    Instrumental Phish

    the zen llama begins to levitate...
  4. just Nate

    Instrumental Phish

    This one: Most of these jams will be familiar to most of us - I'm pretty sure Boise Bag and Riverport Gin are in there early on, but they are stitched together so seamlessly, you'll forget which is which. It's just one endless stream of uber tight grovin'! It's perfect for getting down to business and zoning out distractions at work.
  5. just Nate

    Slavephan Selects

    I’m mildly disappointed to learn that there is no entry for ‘hot julius’ on Urban Dictionary. Sugarbrush 94 Hood = drive off the road good!!
  6. just Nate

    Couch Tour

    My whole thing is.. how often does Mayer not sing ? I haven’t listened, and I don’t really feel like it, but hypothetically I’d take aging weir over JM in a flash.
  7. just Nate

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Happy birthday, page! I can't even describe how much of an inspiration Page has been in my life. What to say that hasn't been said already? Also.. best error message ever:
  8. just Nate

    Just Jams

    Kick. Ass. Can’t wait!
  9. just Nate

    The Divided Sky

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! Located entirely within ..?
  10. just Nate

    Just Jams

    Woa! Sooo so cool to meet you. And thank you for creating something beautiful! Ok, so I gotta ask.. any chance of there ever being an app or mobile site for this? It would be definitely be safer for driving.
  11. just Nate

    Just Jams

    This website is awesome: http://phishjustjams.com but even better, this list of ‘presets’. http://phishjustjams.postach.io/post/phish-just-jams-link-archive wanna hear nothin but Pipers from 99? 0-5 minute jams from 94-96? etc.
  12. just Nate

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Hey y'all.. I made a phish Ipsum text generator page: http://jonathancoblentz.com/phishsum/ (plus a few more). Neat!
  13. just Nate

    Huge General Phish Thread

    depends on whether or not skyballs or saxscrapers are present.
  14. just Nate

    NYE 2017 - Long Awaited Return to The Garden

    The jam out of asihtos was beautiful tho.
  15. just Nate

    Analyze Phish podcast w/ Harris Wittels Scott Aukerman

    It really was more about Scott’s reaction to phish, especially when he took the bunk shrooms at msg.