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  1. Rolled down to Levitate with Preston and met up with a nice crew for pre and post party. Had a few beers early and 2 more in the venue - well planned intake against the heat and all the walking required at a 3 stage Fest. We went out of our old balls way to lock down dead center aisle position 20 row back or so for TAB + Ray. Tiring to hold down that type of busy up close space at this age but this time was worth it. Watched with Preston, and some of you know Tom and Joe. Ran into our very own Outtacontrolsmiler Julie for most of show. Brought back 15 year old show going memories with these people for sure. Verdict: Trey 100% machine gunned our faces. This seems like a special tour, especially with all the Ray stuff that went down and him feeling good enough to play (and he's sounding awesome). See it if you enjoyed the old school tab trio sound and that insane shredding from 99 tab tour and want to hear it beefed up on steroids. Or if you just like to have your face ripped off.
  2. jerrytrey

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Totally. Someone at my buddies house was all into it and the guy launched into something about water in the sky lyrics. I started explaining, before realizing, once again, that unfortunately, nobody in this room gave a whoopty poop.
  3. Gotta say that is, uh, not my favorite setlist. That article about Bella was nice to read - thx for posting.
  4. jerrytrey

    The Divided Sky

    Wow. The national accreditation council of accreditors does NOT f around!
  5. Dannnnnng. That Chicago poster has me written all over it. My neighbors keep peacocks (annoying), so while I'm not huge on owning a poster for a show I didn't attend that one kind of has a belonging in my house. Off the top of my head didn't they play Way I Feel when trey did that evening with Santana and they made that setlong video where they traded boring blues licks back and forth for 45 minutes?
  6. jerrytrey

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Those spring 92' shows are a blazing hose fest for Trey. Still to this day I've been unable to find an A grade recording of 4-15-92 Olympia
  7. Wondering how long till the first Will It Go Round In Circles.
  8. jerrytrey

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    Love that pic. I always forget I'm in it till Wooks reminds me. Bummed to have to miss 'Ball this time around, but for a good reason. You kids have a good, safe time ya hear?
  9. jerrytrey

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    Was following this thread. Until I wasn't last few posts. Why is it perceived as too expensive? My breakdown the other day has it at either $250/day + a car fee. or, Glen Close is @ roughly $900, but comes with the car fee included and 2 passes - so the GC deal is roughly $450/per person. Whats all this talk of costs being in the thousands? (sensing something is going over my head...)
  10. oh wow looking forward to going thru that story time montage. Jeff - Jim/Meri were in the orchestra page side angled view. I was in the mezzanine about 6 rows up fish side angled view down. I did something I rarely do and bought the show poster / toted it to the bar postgame. Glad I did. I'll dig this in a small frame in the mancave. It's in here: https://forum.phish.net/forum/show/1377773526 (can't find a way to post just a viewable image...huh)...
  11. jerrytrey

    Huge General Phish Thread

    This is sick!!! Those models truly are cool. Would be all in on a show in an orb.
  12. jerrytrey

    Hot Box

    Anyone have all the lyrics to HB and care to post them? Asking for a very dear friend. Thx!
  13. Had a killer time at the Sanders show! I'd say we ran the gamut of emotions throughout the night. Heard senator Kushmerek may have been there but didn't see him. Didn't see you anywhere either Jeff. Would have been nice to say hey! Got a ticket day of from a nice dude connection of ICCULIS off phishposters.
  14. jerrytrey

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Let Me Lie is still the best worst Phish song the acoustic one from F8 is straight fire I tellz ya!