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  1. Andy

    Huge General Phish Thread

    That was a lot of fun last night! I can't believe it's been 7 years since I've seen a show. The first set was a bit inconsistent, energy wise. Sugar Shack just killed any momentum they had. Peaches was great to hear. I felt like in the second set they were being much more patient with the jams. It didn't always lead to satisfying peaks, but they went somewhere. Disease, Ghost, and Wombat I really liked. Chalkdust blew the roof off the place. Tons of energy. Some wasted dude gave me an edible and I don't think he knew he did. A good time was had by all.
  2. Andy

    Huge General Phish Thread

    It's been awhile. I think the last show I saw was the Blossom one where they opened with Lookout Cleveland. I'm ready to rage.
  3. Andy

    Phish Summer 2017 Remaining Tour Dates Announced

    Just scored two for Dayton. It's been a while.
  4. Andy

    Phish's vocal abilities, or lack thereof.

    I'm just going to quote myself here.
  5. Andy

    Phish's vocal abilities, or lack thereof.

    It seems to me that all the guys in Phish have thin, weak voices and there is nothing they can do to change that. You can learn to hit the notes, you can improve agility in moving between notes, and you can increase your range, but you can't make a thin voice thick and full. A guitar can't sound like a piano.