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  1. Navin R. Johnson

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Crazy. I've hung out w/ Paul in the lot pre-Dick's for the last couple of years. He's good friends and show buddies with folks we know. Nice guy. Def. knows his Phish.
  2. Navin R. Johnson

    Phish Summer 2017 Remaining Tour Dates Announced

    re: 3 day pass, I believe that you still get individual tickets for each night. not sure if you have the option to get a wristband to use in addition to the tickets. there are definitely wrist bands for the floor...i think you either get one color for all 3 nights (offered friday pre-show) or different colors representing each of the three nights (offered as you walk in the door each night).
  3. Navin R. Johnson

    Phish Summer 2017 Remaining Tour Dates Announced

    You forgot the (10) at the end of that question. (0)
  4. Navin R. Johnson

    Baker's Dozen

    I like that they're doing this. Theoretically, it makes it easy for their east coast fans to see them. Folks from elsewhere will be able to custy it up and make a vacation out of it as well. My bet is that they take a week off & then do a short midwest run & end the summer at Dick's. Midwest/Dick's will be announced after Baker's Doz. on sale.
  5. Sightlines are great everywhere. There's so much room to move you'll be able to find a spot down lower if you want I'm sure. As Dustin mentions, sound can get choppy and muffled up top. Wind.
  6. We're doing the exact same 1-2 punch that week. There are also rumors of Dead & Co playing out here that week. Emerson Biggins!!
  7. Navin R. Johnson

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    i thoroughly enjoyed listening tonight. sounded great.
  8. Navin R. Johnson


    My read as well. Solid playing but nothing extraordinary. Light jam was blissful. Everything else was exactly like you stated - close to the vest. Interesting to see how they approach Dick's. Is it a continuation of the summer theme or do they use it as a springboard for new jams heading into Fall?
  9. Navin R. Johnson


    Haven't paid much attention to Lockn'. Just tuned into Phil who just started. Has Trey sat in with anyone?
  10. Navin R. Johnson

    Slavephan Selects

    listened to this show today. rips. thanks for the heads up.
  11. Navin R. Johnson

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    If anyone comes across a couple of 10/31 Vegas tix, please keep me in mind. Likely going to head down for the one show. In 10/31. Out 11/1. Get out as quickly as I got in.
  12. Navin R. Johnson

    Slavephan Selects

    I just wanted to post in this thread that I love this thread.
  13. Navin R. Johnson

    Summer Tour 2016

    You do have a chance to see a Ween/Phish collaboration at Phishdicks. Riot Fest is in Denver over Labor Day weekend and Ween is headlining it on Saturday night. Maybe part of a Friday gag?
  14. Navin R. Johnson

    Summer Tour 2016

    Playing catch-up. This Ghost>S&SS from BGCA N2S2 is money. Heck ya. The whole 2nd is $. On to Dicks! There will be poop!
  15. Navin R. Johnson

    Summer Tour 2016

    eta: I suck at posting pictures so disregard this and go on about your business. oh yeah - go to dick's.