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  1. Sagan

    Couch Tour

    NICU to open. I'll also go Mikes, Weekapaug in 2nd set.
  2. Sagan

    Slavephan Selects

    Oswego is one of my favorite 1.0 memories. Sure it was hot as hell on the tarmac, and they ran out of water that first day, but there was something so wild about the mid-tour festival. The first day is often overlooked, but I always listen to the wild scratchy hyper DwD that comes after the Son Seals sit-in: https://phish.in/1999-07-17/down-with-disease The winner of the day, though, is Gorge 99. Best 2001 ever? Madcap? https://phish.in/1998-07-17/also-sprach-zarathustra
  3. Sagan

    Couch Tour

    This doesn't seem comfortable. I'm not trying to be snarky, but musicians wear all sorts of crazy outfits all the time. The only thing that I really don't get is the sock over the tuning pegs. Not being a guitarist or bassist, do you just not need to tune during a show that often?
  4. Sagan

    Couch Tour

    C'mon FIshman - lose the donut frock already!
  5. Sagan

    Slavephan Selects

    A few awesome shows from the mid-90s fell on 7/16 and I thought I may as well give them a shout-out today: 1.) https://phish.in/1994-07-16/run-like-an-antelope 7/16/94 Sugarbush. The 2nd set started with a totally out of this world Antelope>Catapult>Antelope. One of the best ever and just the funkiest slinkiest Catapults too. Bonus Fishman inappropriate comment remark. 2.) https://phish.in/1993-07-16/harry-hood 7/16/93 Second show of the 93 summer tour. The Mann Center show is really spectacular and was a wake-up call to the fans that the band was on fire. The Hood is worth a listen - just perfect and a SBD too.
  6. Sagan

    Phish videos

  7. Sagan

    Couch Tour

    Check out his Instagram account - he plays to people talking and it is so amazing.
  8. Sagan

    Couch Tour

    MonoNeon is incredible! He played with medeski and billy martin a few weeks back in New Jersey. He is amazing to watch!
  9. Sagan

    Slavephan Selects

    Yeah - no wonder the summer 96 tour was relatively US-lite.
  10. Sagan

    Slavephan Selects

    I guess I've overlooked early fall 95, but I didn't realize Bela sat in on a show on this tour. He contributed to a nice, albiet slowly paced Slave: https://phish.in/1995-11-29/slave-to-the-traffic-light Have a listen and see what you think!
  11. Sagan

    Slavephan Selects

    It's hard to believe, but 18 years ago I was 18 and on the first night of a multi-night run on the East Coast. I had graduated from high school and was working at a pharmacy (Happy Harry's discount drugs - I think Walgreens bought them out). I drove to the beach and stayed with one of my best friends growing up. We had been to a handful of shows already and were excited to drive up the Parkway and hit PNC for 2 nights. On night 1, we took his old Volvo station wagon up the road and got to the lot a bit early. I remember parking and just being thrilled to be there - the last show I had been at was Cypress and I couldn't wait to hear some more space funk. I picked up this shirt: Still have it today! It's probably my favorite of the many I've gotten over the years. Anyways, the first set was hot fire - I think we covered this in a Show of the Week a while ago. My favorite moment, though, took place during Gotta Jibboo; https://phish.in/2000-06-28/gotta-jibboo Right around the 4:25 mark, Trey plays a handful of melodic back-and-forth notes that, for some reason, struck me. I was locked into the groove and remember being there, on the lawn, pulsing with everyone else around me. Just a great moment and a great memory. I remember the band just really gelling and apparently the band thought so too, because the next version was also a heater (Hartford) and the following version was the mammoth Camden version. Anyways, thought I'd give it a shout on its 18th anniversary.
  12. Sagan

    Slavephan Selects

    Here's a particularly evil Stash for your Tuesday listening: https://phish.in/1994-05-19/stash There's a part in here that mimics the wildness of the Tweezer on ALO - see if you can recognize the part!
  13. Sagan

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Can you ask him if his parents can do a glance over at that pasture and see if they found the part of my brain that melted and was subsequently misplaced during the 3AM Crosseyed?
  14. Sagan

    Fall Tour 2018

    http://phish.com/news/2018-fall-tourdates-announced-including-vegas-halloween-run/ Looks like a handful of dates including a Halloween Run in Vegas!
  15. Sagan

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Ok, will write him. I bet the two of us could do some high-level phish nerdery