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  1. Seventy4Eyes

    Huge General Phish Thread

    '92 YEM>Shaggy Dog, what? YEM gets pretty aggressive then they bring it back with a gospel style Shaggy Dog vocal jam.. a "must hear." Blows my mind that these nuggets are still out there waiting to be found. https://phish.in/1992-05-06/you-enjoy-myself-shaggy-dog
  2. Looks like an early-in-the-tour Phish setlist?
  3. That poster's fucked up, man.
  4. Stumbled on this vid earlier. Trey's zoning in hard... good stuff
  5. Damn that poster is bad. ass. too!
  6. Seventy4Eyes

    4/8/90 & 4/8/92 Released!

    Queuing the 92 show now. Thanks for the effort, senator!
  7. Yeah late in the Cities jam. It's similar I suppose.
  8. Whoa hey. Pump the brakes here. I just accidentally landed on page 2 of this thread and see this post. What, of my beloved 8/10/97, could you possibly be referring to @madcap? First ive heard of this, and I've surely spun that show 500 times. What have I never picked up on all these years? eta: I hope this is in reference to some ultra rare TAB song called "11 minutes of hell" or something, that's a reenactment of the Bowie intro from that show. Goddamn bowie intro was brutal, I tell ya. 💀
  9. Seventy4Eyes

    Huge General Phish Thread

    These "just jam" type mixes are a bit ubiquitious at this point. That said, here's 138 minutes of cow funk.
  10. Seventy4Eyes

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    At Rothbury back in... '09 or whenever, some friends won an art contest and part of the prize package was a set of VIP wristbands, granting access to the booze lounge, and more importantly, flushable toilets and like, shower facilities. The folks applying said VIP wristbands left them all loosey goosey so they could be passed around our group as needed. It was great, my campsite was a 40 minute walk from the main stage, but once inside, I could use a flushable toilet any time I wanted. I noticed after a while that the vip entrance gates were attended mostly by friendly workers, high fiving festival attendees as they came and went and rarely stopping anyone to shake them down in any manner. We plebs in the general camping area were a different story, as securty was harsh. They confiscated my clif bar that I'd bought inside the grounds the night before. After asking a few staffers about this, it was clear that all the security was on the main gate because that's where the local/state police were directed any time they wanted to check in and make sure things were going along as planned... leaving the VIP entrances to be a free for all. I saw cases of beer being carried in at one point. Point being, at that particular event, VIP status meant being able to do whatever you wanted. Much like in real life. Also, that festival was basically put on by String Cheese Incident and fuck those guys, so YMMV at Phish events.
  11. WAIT. Is the ever-vital can of beans or whatever no longer part of his acoustic rig?
  12. Seventy4Eyes

    Page McConnell - Page's house

    Vida blue is an enigma. Their hookup with Spam Allstars was out of left field. Both albums are pleasant to listen to but aren't groundbreaking. Like the rest of Page's catalog they're ... veeeeeerrrrry chill. Even the peaks are chill. But it all in all, I love the two albums and revisit them once a year or so. Spam Allstars posted on facebook a few days ago they might be in the studio again with Vida Blue, along with this video I'd not seen. Pretty great take on Most Events... even if Page does look a little goosed
  13. Seventy4Eyes

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Pretty much. It's not cool for me to spend the dough and leave my wife and kid home. My problem fo sho, but damn just play deer creek errey now and then, cantcha? This Camden chatter's reminding me of the insane scene that was Camden 2000, too. We were these innocent white midwestern kids, directed by cops to park like a mile from the venue, party all night, then walk aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll the way back to the "lot" after the show, a mile away as a herd. Through Camden. It was nuts. There was an interstate underpass that I thought was just maybe the beginning of the apocalypse. Turned out to just be a highly-resonant under-offramp drum circle, combined with some number of Camden police who were maybe actually concerned about getting us the fuck out of there.