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  1. Pele9

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    As far as this value for the money/opportunity cost discussion goes, I'm kinda in agreement with the notion that it is becoming too pricey and logistically difficult to see many shows anymore. To that end, I've missed everything since the last time they were in the southeast a couple years ago, I guess. That said, I'll hit all three Alpharetta shows this summer because I can drive there (only 2 1/4 hrs drive) and I can stay with friends in the city. That definitely cuts down the costs, for sure. With a little diligence and a modicum of responsibility, I can also manage the weekend and only miss 1/2 a day of work on Friday and 1/2 a day on Monday. And, as someone mentioned above, hanging with some folks I don't usually get to see is worth the effort. In fact, I'll see two of my brothers that weekend, which is awesome. I'm lucky if I see them once a year. So, thanks, Phish?
  2. Pele9

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I also fell asleep in the second set of that free webcast. And, frankly, what I heard mostly sounded mailed-in to me. That said, I totally get it. They're my age, or even a couple years older and just finished, by all accounts, a really sharp, fun 13 nights in NYC. But, yeah, they're old, I'm old, a lot of old going on, but fuck it. Full disclosure, as to the accuracy of my thoughts on the show, I started with whiskies and a really nice cigar hours before the show even started, so... there's that, too.
  3. Pele9

    Baker's Dozen

    One of my brothers and a buddy of his are doing all 13. They live in NYC, so there is no travel or lodgings involved, so that is huge. Still, pricey as fuck, I'm sure. Fucking single life, lol....
  4. Pele9

    Phish - Big Boat

    This is perfectly said. But, alas, I fear the horse is already out of the barn on this one.
  5. Pele9

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    I got mine and they look pretty cool, actually.
  6. Pele9

    Phish - Big Boat

    Awesome, that is very reassuring. To be fair, I've not heard any of the album or the summer tour. And, I'm honestly optimistic about the fall. Fingers crossed!!
  7. Pele9

    Phish - Big Boat

    I'm starting to regret some ticket purchases I made for the fall, lol.
  8. Pele9

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    I've got floor one night in Charleston and stands one night, then pit one night in ATL, pav one night. I'm actually hitting the first night in Charleston solo and will be looking to find some of you knuckleheads that night.
  9. Pele9

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    I was also leaning very heavily toward exactly this. In the end, I caved and did the stupid lottery anyway. Now, I can spend a bunch of time trying to unload the inevitable lawns and seeking the necessary pavs. Great...
  10. Pele9

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    They played two nights in N. Charleston in 2010. Page's Dad came out to do "Won't you Come Home Bill Bailey" one night, incidentally.
  11. Pele9

    Phish Fall Tour 2016

    ATL and Charelston (here's hoping there is massive improvement over summer tour, eh? lol)
  12. Pele9

    Phish Rumor Thread

    While we don't live there, my wife is from Charleston and her family still lives there. So, yeah, I'll be at those shows. (Hopefully, Phish will have turned some sort of corner by then, lol, but I digress...) Re Folly Beach, I am not really in tune with Charleston anymore. as our visits are infrequent these days. Saying that, even if Folly isn't what it once was, I'm sure it is still super cool.
  13. Pele9

    Walnut Creek Amphitheatre - Raleigh, NC 8/14/15

    Unfortunately not. I only attended Atlanta, and really want to hit this too, but alas I will be traveling with the family (which is obviously super cool, too ). Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised to see something like Icculus or maybe some vacuum shenanigans in Raleigh. Regardless, all signs point to you seeing an excellent show. Awesome.
  14. Pele9

    Phish Summer Tour 2015

    So, there have been some "heaters" this tour, if sometimes only one set (with the notable exception, maybe, for ATL I). For four middle-aged nerdy guys (exactly like me, lol), I have to admit they've seemingly been worth the considerable price of admission this summer. They don't, and probably simply can't, play like they could in their youth, so it is different, sure. But, damn, it is fun, no? ETA It is just so great to get such an awesome rock and roll show with all the fun, goofiness, and antics from a seemingly healthy atmosphere on stage. That is "IT" for me, in a nutshell.
  15. Pele9

    Lakewood 2015 (July 31 & August 1)

    Of course, Friday night opened with Caspian and we all know how that turned out.