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  1. stybeaujolais

    Slavephan Selects

    They were so dialed in during fall>winter 95. Probably around 80 hours of live playing during that tour, and I bet they were practicing as well. Fucking hot shit.
  2. wait. on which songs did he play acoustic again?
  3. stybeaujolais

    Phish Summer 2018 Tour

    Field Friday dicks and suites the rest. It wont suck.
  4. stybeaujolais

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I was at Winston and highlight for me was the Theme. They were indeed on fire in that first set. That Bathtub was mudshrimp-disgusting though.
  5. stybeaujolais

    Show of the Week #12 - 11/11/1995 Fox Theater - Atlanta GA

    shit that's a good idea. I'm in. dat stash.
  6. stybeaujolais

    All Things Mike Gordon

    mike should probably write most of phish's songs. (0) He's still got the weird.
  7. stybeaujolais

    Huge General Phish Thread

    It was awesome. Even the new tunes got nice jammy treatment in set one think they played around 16 songs I'll take that any day Set 1 Saturday was great, and Saturday had a ludicrous list, but nothing went out. Still a fucking monster show. Sunday was fun/had nice moments but felt disjointed overall. That Light jam stood out for me as a spot they really locked in. Gin, DWD, 2001 piper, most events were all tasty treats as well im whipped
  8. stybeaujolais

    Phish Summer 2017 Jams

    Interesting take on that Ghost. I wasn't hearing them locking in with each other too much as I recall- they seemed to be more in noodle-land and the peak seemed a bit forced. It was in the mix, though cut it per that thinking. Will give it a re-listen.
  9. stybeaujolais

    Phish Summer 2017 Jams

    here's a pretty decent vid of the madness. fucking sweet at 12:27 through the end.
  10. stybeaujolais

    Baker's Dozen

    don't think it was a joke, just a poorly performed song, but Thom Yorke is no superstar vocalist either, and that song kinda blows. should have played Lemon song.
  11. stybeaujolais

    Phish Summer 2017 Jams

    was good for sure. sty has exacting standards though. Kidding. Trey butchered that Fluffhead but the peak in it was off the charts...
  12. stybeaujolais

    Phish Summer 2017 Jams

    Finished "part 2" which is less about giant exploratory jams and more about great playing and more straightforward jams. 01 Everything's Right 02 Harry Hood 03 Free 04 Maze 05 Timber 06 Moonage Daydream 07 Seven Below 08 Good Times, Bad Times 09 Roggae 10 Theme From The Bottom 11 Sample In A Jar 12 Tube 13 Sand 14 2001 15 Walk Away 16 Gotta Jibboo. 17 Fuck Your Face 18 Sunshine Of Your Feeling 19 Fire 20 Plasma 21 Quinn The Eskimo 22 Fluffhead 23 Most Events Aren't Planned 24 Bug 25 Izabella 26 You Enjoy Myself 27 Tweezer Reprise
  13. stybeaujolais

    Phish Summer 2017 Jams

    I put together what I thought were standout big jams of the summer. Most are from MSG... PM me if interested: 01 Down With Disease (Dayton) 02 Prince Caspian (Pittsburgh) 03 The Moma Dance 04 It's Ice 05 Wolfman's Brother 06 Twist 07 Lawn Boy 08 Chalk Dust Torture 09 A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing 10 Swept Away 11 Steep 12 46 Days 13 Piper 14 Mike's Song 15 O Holy Night 16 Taste 17 Scents And Subtle Sounds 18 Simple
  14. stybeaujolais

    Baker's Dozen

    This. I listened to everything to make a compilation and there are just too many good renditions of songs to cull down. The timber jam was great too. Moonage absolutely smokes. They are just dialed for the whole run. So so who's got my dicks fields?