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  1. Brian

    Phish Summer Tour 2014

    Because it is so cold here they usually take a while to firm up and taste good.
  2. Brian

    Phish Summer Tour 2014

    I live at the top of Michigan and can see it from my house. My evening was pretty rocking even though family commitments kept me couch touring it up - including a seamless segue way from soccer for 2.5 year olds (full of flubs), to bedtime princess stories, into making pickles with my wife.
  3. Brian

    Phish Summer Tour 2014

    I'm going to try and catch the Michigan show, it is not too far a drive from me (maybe 5 hrs).
  4. Brian

    'Darkest' Phish Jams

    This has secretly been a solid way for me to get more listening ideas to crank out while at work!
  5. Brian

    'Darkest' Phish Jams

    ^One of the best parts of that Mike's jam from Cypress is the fogged stage and the red lights coming through and working quite well with the tunes at the moment. Unfortunately most of the other memories from that time have faded. eta: that is one of the pics that came up for a search on Mike's at Cypress - I don't recall hearing of Foley before.
  6. Brian

    'Darkest' Phish Jams

    Another one that I attended and remember being awesome was the Cypress Mike's.
  7. Brian

    'Darkest' Phish Jams

    The dark jams have always been one of my favourite parts of Phish. I have just been marking in my office for the past few days listening to tunes and have found that I just listened to Carini from 12/30/12 a number of times in a row. What are some of your favourite dark jams? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_qtMxheHaA eta: I used to be youtube embed cool, but I lost it.
  8. Brian

    Halloween 2013 Album thread

    This might be better placed in the boast thread, but this summer and fall tour have really turned me back on to a big phish kick - and bottom line is that this band is fucking awesome.
  9. Brian

    Halloween 2013 Album thread

    Classic counterintelligence phishinformation.
  10. Brian

    Halloween 2013 Album thread

    The Band - that will be sweet! Maybe Robbie will join them for a tune, KR would love that.
  11. Brian

    Halloween 2013 Album thread

    I know from a close source to Phish (cough-Mike's scarf guy-cough) that it'll be:
  12. Brian

    7/27/13 Gorge night 2

    Just listening to the second set again, what a fantastic string of tunes. They are sounding top notch these days.
  13. Brian

    7-21-2013 Chicago

    They did use those lights in Toronto as well, I think during Haleys.
  14. Brian

    7/12/13 Jones Beach

    That was a big set, it sounded pretty good for the most part.
  15. Brian

    Huge General Phish Thread

    It sounds as if the Phish app works pretty well and is worth purchasing. Everybody find it to be a good one?