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  1. treyanastasioThe Trey Anastasio Trio will be playing in New Orleans April 26, 27 and 28. All three shows will be available via live webcast at webcast.livephish.com
  2. yep dig it hope the nola one is cool. Want.
  3. tab ever played ghost or Julius?
  4. I have a chance to hit 3 but only have tickets for 2. Going to jazz fest and seeing Trey 3 nights in a row is sort of lame, right? Should probably get out and do other stuff. No way I'll miss the best show of the 3.
  5. yes it was. Dark and Down was pretty good too. Night Speaks/Sand was nice.
  6. Cleveland, OHSET 1: Gotta Jibboo, Tuesday, Everything's Right, Camel Walk, When the Circus Comes [1], No Men In No Man's Land[1], Dark and Down, Drifting, Pigtail, BounceSET 2: Soul Planet > 46 Days, Farmhouse, Steam, Night Speaks to a Woman, Water in the Sky, SandENCORE: Waste [2], Heavy Things, First Tube[1] TAB debut.[2] Trey solo acoustic
  7. two weeks - pretty jazzed about the trio
  8. more fri/sat nola trey tix released from the civic site https://www.civicnola.com/shows/
  9. McGregor

    Phish Rumor Thread