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    Huge General Phish Thread

    @M Thorne I'm sure others have gone too but I know @libowski and @kindalikerainbows have both been to MX shows. Ladies.....give Greg the scoop!!

    Fall Tour 2018

    yes & yes --- kinda wild the next two shows are back in NY. Meri and I have tickets for both but still haven't worked out the logistics of what's going down. anyone else going to Albany? Would prefer Hampton but just not in the cards after spending a week in VA last month.......

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    i think I heard it will be the Black Friday RSD.... cool photo of that cover art.....i hadn't seen that 👍

    ISO 7/18/1992?

    howdy CB - I haven't asked Kevin about whats in the vault but I will next time we connect. pretty certain there is no AUDs or we'd know about it. this is the message on the Phish.com tour archives: http://phish.com/tours/dates/sat-1992-07-18-mann-music-center/

    Huge General Phish Thread

    I didnt hear that but will relisten shortly. Mike laid down a pretty distinct Iron Man tease in the closing seconds of LxL. I can’t be the only one to hear that....

    Fall Tour 2018

    Hi Lynn!!!! I wish Vegas was in the running......... I got Albany floors in the lottery. Pumped for indoor Phish but Tues/Wed night runs are just a bit odd. Am I rite???? Why can’t it be Friday (today) when they play the Knick?!?
  7. Acoustic Trey - West Coast http://trey.com/december-solo-acoustic-tour/
  8. I thought the tour ended in NOLA but I just learned they added a benefit show in Atlanta with all proceeds to go to Waterwheels cancer fund one memory of C-Cott. Pretty sweet - anyone in ATL going tonight? Trey Anastasio Trio will end their first tour since 1999 at Terminal West in Atlanta, GA on April 29. “Sustain,” a performance in memory of Chris Cottrell, will benefit the WaterWheel Cancer Fund.
  9. damn Bart - that blows! Are you feeling any better? you gotta rally man! .....Healing vibes.....
  10. Trey Trio in Central Park & Charlottesville. I just bought tickets last week for the Levitate Fest which I believe the Trio is headlining.
  11. I’ve never heard this show / going to start it up now from phish.com This was Phish’s 1st and only show at Knoxville Civic Auditorium – a multi-purpose venue with a proper name (after the city’s founder) of General James White Memorial Civic Auditorium and a capacity of about 2,500. The adjoining coliseum was the site of Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhoads’ last concert appearance before his death. This soundcheck list may be incomplete as only part of the check was recorded. Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone. During the intro to Down With Disease, Fish and Mike said “write it down” a few times in a spooky tone. Ginseng Sullivan was performed acoustic without microphones with Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on bass, Page on Melodica and Fish on Madonna washboard. Dog Faced Boy was also performed acoustic without microphones. Run Like An Antelope included teases of Layla (Derek and the Dominos cover). Amazing Grace was performed A capella without microphones.
  12. 4/21/18 Set I: 46 Days, Camel Walk, Heavy Things, Cayman Review, Last Tube, Anything But Me, Dark and Down, Drifting, Alaska, Simple Twist Up Dave Set II: Ghost, Corona, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Prince Caspian, Shade, Mr. Completely, Windora Bug, Steam, Farmhouse, Bounce Encore: Waste[1], Bathtub Gin[1], Chalk Dust Torture[1], First Tube [1] Trey solo acoustic.
  13. So this Trey Trio Tour kicks off tonight.....pretty sweet. I’d love to be catching one of these shows but no dice. Pretty cool it’s been 20 yrs to the day since this and where it all kinda began......and just days after the Island Tour went down. Trey Anastasio | Fri Apr 17th, 1998 |Higher Ground | Winooski, VT Set 1: First Tube1, Sand1, Mozambique1, Mr. Meat Man, Naturally To Blame > Wighat, Silicone Fairy1, Last Tube1 > Higher Ground Set 2: Tore Up, Magilla, Sunny, Stir It Up, Crossroads, Come On (Part One), Soul Power> Pass the Peas, Drums This performance included costumed dancers, theatrics that included people being hoisted by cables, artists displaying various props (including Mike Gordon placing cactus props on stage), and innovative lighting that featured large fluorescent tubes. The second set was a looser jam session and included guest appearances from Dave Grippo on saxophones, James Harvey on trombone, Bobby Hackney on vocals, and Fish on drums. This show marked the debut of First Tube, Sand, Mozambique, and Last Tube. While not billed as a Trey Anastasio performance, with Russ and Tony it represents the public debut of the core TAB touring ensemble. http://www.jamstreams.net/trey/1998/1998-04-17