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  1. woo

    Tom Marshall and his Under The Scales podcast

    Very good episode. They said it without saying it but Brad is one of the people Trey had to cut out post sobriety as an enabler. Brad sparked up a great friendship with Les and Stewart Copeland during Oysterhead . I know he managed Copeland during the Police tour and some other stuff and now Les etc.
  2. woo

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    Bring on Bunny Radio! So many great Spotify playlists of Bunny Radio that I play in the background on the weekends.
  3. Thanks for posting that Dustin. Tough blow for Trey. Just lost one of his good friends to cancer, and I know he lost his sister Kristy (who was a smarty pants, graduated from Harvard & Duke) to cancer as well a few years back.
  4. woo

    Huge General Phish Thread

    She's now married to someone else but Katy Tur dated Keith Olberman for a few years....go figure.
  5. woo

    NYE 2017 - Long Awaited Return to The Garden

    Edit: sold to teenage!
  6. woo

    NYE 2017 - Long Awaited Return to The Garden

    I know strange. But by getting one day in this year, my benefits kick in January 1...where if i started the 2nd wouldn't kick in till Feb 1. Also i'm 100% eligible for 2018 bonus getting one day in this year, while would not have if started in Jan...pro rated etc. I would have loved some time off, but it is what it is!
  7. woo

    NYE 2017 - Long Awaited Return to The Garden

    I may have to sell my 12/29 mail order tickets, as I start a new job that day. If I do, I'll post them here first.
  8. woo

    All Things Mike Gordon

    Bass Summit with Norbert Putnam & Phish Bassist Mike Gordon Panel discussion with recording artist and producer Norbert Putnam and Phish bassist Mike Gordon. Hosted by Bill Ellis, professor of fine arts at Saint Michael's College.
  9. woo

    NYE 2017 - Long Awaited Return to The Garden

    I got two Page side, for 12/29..struck-out for 12/28 and 12/30.
  10. woo

    Huge General Phish Thread

    A new Phish Relix article by Benjy Eisen: Phish: The Undefeated Season