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  1. Radiophonic

    Couch Tour

    Anyone have a mixlr stream they could pm me?
  2. Radiophonic

    Baker's Dozen

    That was really something. I was feeling phish fatigue the last few days. Now that it's over life seems so quiet. A run for the ages. Trey and page getting a little choked up during "on the road again" was such a nice contrast to the sob fest in Coventry. It's amazing that after all this time the band pulled off one of their greatest achievements.
  3. Radiophonic

    Baker's Dozen

    Primus released a cover album of Charlie and the chocolate factory. Perhaps they'll play something from that with Les.
  4. Radiophonic

    Baker's Dozen

    Goodness me. Nice show.
  5. Radiophonic

    Baker's Dozen

    Yeah, what a Lawn Boy. Boy oh Boy!
  6. Radiophonic

    Among the best moments of my life

  7. Radiophonic

    Summer Tour 2016

    Streams are up. Sound checking Yarmouth Road currently.
  8. Radiophonic

    One-off or rare versions of Phish songs

    It was an alternate take of strange design I was thinking of. Came to me in my sleep! (which is from billy breathes, not SOG.)
  9. Radiophonic

    One-off or rare versions of Phish songs

    That's weird. This was in reference to the dog log show talk on the prior page. Apparently it felt like posting hours later. The somantin talk reminds me of the ghost out takes. Was that wading in the velvet sea that had the alternate version with a sort of train-chugging backing vocals? My memory is failing. You guys have great phish-memory. I'm not good with sports stats either though.
  10. Radiophonic

    One-off or rare versions of Phish songs

    That was my first show. I had zero idea what was going on, but had a blast.
  11. Radiophonic

    Phish: Riviera Maya 2016 (January 15, 16 & 17)

    For what these rooms cost you could rent a huge house for a month on VRBO. Looks like a blast though.
  12. Radiophonic

    all things MAGNABALL

    Indeed they are!
  13. Radiophonic

    all things MAGNABALL

    That "God Only Knows" freakout around 3-4am last night was something. I was supposed to go mountain biking today but I couldn't turn the Bunny off. I've officially accomplished nothing this weekend.
  14. Radiophonic

    Dick's 2014

    I only went to night two but I'd give it a B. I couch tour'd night three and thought it was good except for the joy placement. I guess I've become decidedly less picky in my old age. I preferred the sat show over the 2012 light show overall even though it didn't have the big jam. I don't know. Maybe I'm too easy on them, but phish shows seem to be in a whole different league than most music I see. I have a hard time ragging on them at this point. "I'm an asshole!"