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  1. Lar

    Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville, TN 8/4

    That Piper>Crosseyed>Weekapaug was really amazing. I haven't heard the first set yet but if it's as good as y'all have said, that was one killer show.
  2. Lar

    Worst Phish show you ever attended?

    That 4/15 AC/DC Bag was almost post-modern. Like Trey pulling an Andy Kaufman, thinking at what point will the audience turn on the drivel I'm dishing out. But they never do, god bless em. Each time they repeat the chord sequence the fans get loud in anticipation of an actual solo that never comes.
  3. Lar

    Worst Phish show you ever attended?

    Im a glutton for punishment. I always love Trey's attempts to cover his Stash flubs by just playing inaudibly. HOW DO YOU MESS UP 46 DAYS?
  4. Lar

    Worst Phish show you ever attended?

    Where can I hear this vegas show? I was going to mention the Bonnaroo sets but this sounds much worse.
  5. Lar

    Festival X - Rumors

    Valentine's Day. Bummer.