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  1. Damon


    I’ve got the sausage, if you’ve got the inclination.
  2. Damon

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    Eh, they weren’t half as good as that day set was!
  3. Damon

    Curveball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY

    Fucking climate change. Could do it in CA next summer, call it Fireball.
  4. Damon


    but everything is in it's own dominion and waiting in the shallows as I do appeases me as sausage slowly trickles out which isn't nearly fast enough for you
  5. Damon

    Huge General Phish Thread

    It floats, Georgie, down here, they all float. Like a Big Boat
  6. Damon

    Huge General Phish Thread

    (Big Boat – Joy)2 + (Undermind – Fuego)2 = Round Room
  7. Damon

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Waking up in a hotel outside the gorge. Made the last minute call to go last night, sure glad I did, it was like a Gorge Greatest Hits show. Divided Sky at sunset was awesome, despite some flubs.
  8. Damon

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Some of it for me, is in his switching. Now, I can hear it. Back in the day, his tones blended seamlessly, he went from warm round clean to high gain and you didn't notice the change until well after it happened. CK's lights were the same, his fades and blends were far superior back then to the button pressing switching now. Analog days. They are gone, and while Trey (and CK) has way more in his arsenal now, it doesn't have that same wow factor. Less is more? Or maybe when you have limits to what you work with, creativity kicks in more. (Original Trilogy vs. Prequels). Damn progress (0).
  9. Damon

    Huge General Phish Thread

    Gorge hood, god that was awesome. One of my top 3 gorge moments. No lights, all stars, cool breeze, perfect night.
  10. Damon

    Baker's Dozen

    I would buy a single LP of just Lawn Boy, but the selection they went with is a pass.
  11. Damon

    New Year's Eve 1998 - Prince

  12. Damon

    Big Cypress Midnight Set