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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Oceans of Osyrus, a web community loosely based around the band Phish. A wide variety of topics are discussed, from music, art, and film, to culinary delights and travel. We also encourage up and coming musicians, photographers, and artists to use the sites resources to promote and inform the public about their creative works.

By becoming a member of the Osyrus community, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of the guidelines that follow.

Prohibited Behavior:
  • No rudeness/name-calling/sexist or racist slurs/personal attacks
  • No picking fights/flaming/trolling (which we define as posting with the express purpose of to upset others and cause an inflammatory response).
  • No Spamming (defined as both advertising, and posting the same thing repeatedly)
  • No discussion of personal drug use
  • No publicly looking for or publicly posting links to illegal products. No posting of prohibited content (partial list below).
  • No creation of user names that contain profanity or are in the form of a URL
  • No posting of or linking to pornographic material. No nudity of any kind. This is a work-friendly site. Any thread that is of a PG-13 nature should be clearly marked Not Work Safe, so our members are aware of the content and can avoid it while at work. No posting Not Work Safe material in a Safe for Work thread.
  • No topics that advertise a member's site. You may add a text link to your site in your signature.
  • Referral links are also prohibited from posts, no chain letters, pyramid schemes, etc.
Moderators may edit or delete any post or thread due to content that they deem to be offensive or disruptive to the community as whole. If you have a constructive comment, suggestion, or question on board policy, it may be posted in the "Feedback" forum. If you believe you have had a post or topic removed in error, please contact a member of the moderation team via your private messenger. All disagreements with a moderator must be addressed to the administration via private message.

Infractions of any of the above rules can result in warnings and/or suspensions.

Please also use the Report Post feature (a button in each post called "Report!") if you find something on the site that violates one of the above rules. It helps bring attention to problems that might otherwise be missed or overlooked.

Note on Signatures/Avatars:

All signatures and avatars should be kept to a reasonable size. The board will automatically resize avatars that are too large. Signatures should be kept to a size no larger than 100px in height or 500px in width (about the size of your avatar). A member will be given twenty-four (24) hours in which to fix a signature that is found to excessively break this guideline, after which time the moderator will resize/remove the signature for the member. Avatars and signatures should not include illegal, sexually explicit, or otherwise inappropriate content, if so, they will be removed immediately.

We are a very friendly and forgiving community. However, repeated breaking of the guidelines listed above will be dealt with appropriately by the moderation team. The decisions
of the moderators are final, and open harassment, flaming, or public bashing of the administration of this site can result in in warnings, suspensions, or permanent removal.

Finally, after all the serious mumbo jumbo.... have fun, discuss your favorite things in life, and enjoy the community, as they and you are the true architects of Osyrus.

Strictly Prohibited Content
- Warez / Piracy / Hacking / Viruses, or illegal mp3's
- Adult / Obscene material
- Depictions of Minors/Children (even minimal sexual context is not allowed)
- Illegal Drugs / Terrorism
- Derogatory/Slanderous/Racial/Explicit Material
- Sharing of passwords / Serial Numbers /
- Invasion on privacy / Impersonation of others
- Spam / MLM
- Harassment
- Illegal Conduct of Any Sort

"This site voluntarily complies with the Phish fan web site policy at http://phish.com/#/faq/web-guidelines."