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  1. Employee Lounge

    Boss/owner told me friday he was working from home all this week b/c he has a ton of family in town. So I motivated my team to get stuff done early (we run email newsletters and offers every day of the week).  boss calls me yesterday and I tell him we're just about set for the weekend, he says if the guys got their shit done, close up today at noon. They still don't know but have been busting their ass to not have to work all weekend (if they were traveling or whatever I would have told them already).  So I get to give them the "after we go have BBQ you can go home until Monday" in a few minutes!!
  2. Black Friday

    we're having steak and scallops--heading to local butcher in a bit to pick them up! My sis in law is a doc and volunteers to work holidays at hospital since she doenst have kids so we're doing thanksgiving friday. She's been on her Thanksgiving shift for 6 hours and has 42 to go.... As for shopping local retailers, if a store wants to be open and people want to work then great. I know a lot of local shops are opening for the evening for a bit, but their staffs are family, so it's not like they're 'forcing' thousands of people to work.  Our local downtown actually did a big "beat black friday" event all last weekend where shops were open later hours, they had their big sales, refreshments, santa, etc....It was a huge hit (and in theory they went into the black a week early).  
  3. Black Friday

    Was at Michael's today. Home Goods is next door. As I'm leaving I'm wondering why people are crowded up by the front window, looking like they're going to cry. It was their giant sign saying they're closed on Thanksgiving so their employees can spend the day with their families (they have TV ads too).  My bigger question is if they were there today, were they scoping out the store and hiding stuff to buy Thursday night? Or are they just that obsessed with Home Goods that they looked like their child just died b/c they're closed for a major holiday?!   #gooutside #dontshop  
  4. American Politics

    Go to Reason's facebook page for some of the most LOL comments about this map. One of my faves was "hey, at least he got all 57 states!"
  5. Atlanta, GA

    The Motet! and no, I'm not going there but appreciate the rec. 
  6. Atlanta, GA

    Bump. Staying at same hotel for NYE.  I haven't been to ATL since like 2000 so any advice on stuff to do/see (we'll be there 12/31 around noonish then leaving 1/2 afternoon). Driving so we're not limited on areas to visit.
  7. What shows do you have coming up?

    The Motet in Atlanta for NYE!!  We never really do anything for NYE but I was shocked when I mentioned it to my hubs and he said "fuck yeah! book it!"  20 minutes later, we're good. Anyone else gonna be in ATL for NYE?
  8. Fast Food

    We have a ton around here and they all rock but this one location---the owner is ridiculously nice (as is all the staff).  Last week I was there and he was behind the register then got a glimpse of an older woman walking in and ran out to open the door for her, had her hold his arm to sit her down and took her order and brought it to her (gave it to her free).   Then I hear a couple who said they were on their way to FL and had never been to a CFA; he helps them choose what to get. They sit behind us and half way through the meal "we should move here. I've never met nicer people in a restaurant in my entire life! It's like a good Twilight Zone!"  
  9. Fargo (TV series)

    yeah I need to catch up on this season. The acting might be the best on tv. And I like that the seasons are completely different so the story never drags on.  
  10. Walking Dead

    no, I guess I should. I liked the story, but feel like it's not really moving forward much (hoping that means next week will be kick ass).  I'll rewatch it this weekend. 
  11. Walking Dead

  12. Online Marketing

    good stuff. I personally DESPISED using Hubspot (a client used it and I thought it was a terrible tool that doesn't let you segment lists well or do most things that bulk email providers too...and is super limited in landing page design for any good marketing.   The last part is 100000000% accurate.  I was w/ a potential client last week and she said "you haven't used any buzz words and didn't show me some powerpoint full of statistics. I like that. I trust you more b/c of that."  Me: i just show you results. That other glitz just covers up the fact they have no clue what they are doing! 
  13. Online Marketing

    You don't. it's a colossal waste of $.
  14. Online Marketing

    PMing you. Too much to post.
  15. American Politics

    Based on the clamoring of 3 campaigns to do business with us (we can only take one) an "attack the other idiot" shitshow of epic proportions is coming in Dec/Jan. We just buy the media and deploy the digital campaigns....wtf their messages are is all them.  I just want their moneys.