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  1. Recommend Something

  2. Whatcha eating?

    I'll raise you the UTZ pumpernickle pretzels. Those are in a tie w/ special darks for me. Add hummous or Lebne and i'm a fat happy mofo
  3. Documentaries

    and 1.5 stars on Netflix.  I'll have to try to watch it again.  I was distracted by kids just talking over each other (just being kids but was hard to watch when I tried to). I do love the concept though and think it's the kind of school we need more of.
  4. Employee Lounge

    CONGRATS LYNN!!!  Watch out Oregon.
  5. American Politics

    Zander, I totally get your thoughts on universal healthcare, and big insurance and pharma are raping the American people. But universal healthcare doesn't take those problems away.  Big Pharma is going to charge just as much, if not more (like most govt contracts) to the govt for drugs.  And doctors who are going to be paid a set fee rather than incentives in private practice will go to other professions (already seeing doc shortages with ACA).  i know for a fact that one of my docs charges more for Medicaid patients to the govt than they do to my insurance co for same thing. Just saying there are a ton of elements that go with "oh let the govt do it for you" when they have no repercussions for failure. see Flint. I personally would be for a single payer plan with NO government involved except for the truly indigent.  You need a doctor, go to one and pay for the actual service and everyone gets charged the same. No employers, govt or insurers involved. Just me and my doc making a transaction.     Glad Rand dropped out. He has a great chance in 2020 I think, and he still has a Senate campaign to focus on. R's need more libertarian leaning Senators...especially w/ the backwards religious zealots like Cruz in there.   Lastly, I secretly hope Cruz uses "If I could turn back time" as his campaign song, only b/c it would be appropriate of his platform.  
  6. Sandwiches

    If you're ever in Richmond, VA: go HERE and get the liver sando. Good lord. http://www.richmond.com/entertainment/article_a076068b-6cd8-53e3-9883-e000a63a2d29.html  
  7. American Politics

    Not true.  http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2016/jan/13/how-much-would-bernie-sanders-health-care-plan-cos/ I also find that $12k+ figure employers pay astonishing since we are working on a new health deal (both my and hubs employers pay 100% of our premiums) and when I said we were paying $1k/month for an employee for no deductible and only $15 copays, the broker told me we were getting raped and it should be more like $600 MAX, more likely $450 for that coverage. Most people I know their employer pays 50% max, which means average health plans are $24k/year? That cannot be real.  
  8. American Politics

    The Cruz "wolf at the door" fundraising appeal is a BAD sign.  It's fundraising 101 that you only use that once. Ever. If you try it a second time, it means whatever you raise is paying the tax or electricity bill or a lawyer.....bad move on his part to pull that card so early. The direct mail techniques he and Rubio (and probably hillary) used are nothing new, and are used all the time by politicians, c4s, etc.....it's scare the old guy into doing something and giving money technique. (ugh)   CAN IT PLEASE BE DECEMBER ALEADY!?    
  9. Documentaries

    thanks for the rec. gets terrible reviews but watching now while i"m still at work doing boring stuff today
  10. Describe the weather in your area

    When it hit 65 today, and the heat had been blasting all weekend b/c it was 20 on friday, I had to turn on my window AC unit in my office because I was actually sweating. and yes, there are 4 ft snowbanks outside from parking lot plowing last week. And it's 22 degrees colder at my cousin's house, which is 63 miles away-- driving--probably 35-40 as the crow flies. 
  11. American Politics

    Actually discussed quite a bit that this is their year to let it go, hold Congress, rebrand the party and start over. But they're all too fucking stupid to actually do it I'm guessing. RE: Bernie being elected: nobody thought that nobody black senator from Illinois had a chance at winning either at this stage. 
  12. Angry Rant Thread

    you just reminded me we have to go through this same exercise with them again this weekend. Luckily FIOS is offered in my hood too (for like double the price for slower internet) so we leverage that, but we need super fast up speeds (hubs work stuff that syncs to our server) and they like to tell us we should go to a biz plan (which is actually slower upspeeds!). No, you should fuck right off, and stop jacking up my bill.      
  13. American Politics

    Why I think you're wrong: Polls eliminate votes from most people 40 and under (landlines have to be answered and questions answered). As a whole they do not support Trump (I think Rand will surprise a lot of people after IA and NH) many people who support Trump aren't registered to vote and/or won't vote in the primaries Superdelegates won't vote for him regardless of what the popular vote says Like 3rd party candidates, many people support a candidate but once they get into the polling booth change their mind for a 'safer' candidate. There is $200m+ already sitting in SuperPacs waiting to spend to discredit Trump (I know of at least one donor who says he'll spend another $100million anti-trump). His policies are big govt, autocratic and economically dumb as dumb can be. Once people start to see this they'l change their minds. **I think everyone running is a complete idiot when it comes to either foreign policy or economics, (or in trumps case, both) I'lld o my part in an open primary state to vote in the Dem primary for Bernie, even though I think his economic policies aren't feasible at all.      
  14. American Politics

    How people can make this world a better place:  Stop clicking on anything about Trump Stop reading anything about Trump Stop watching anything about Trump Stop saying anything about Trump The dude is getting exposure by being a buffoon. Every second he is lol'ing that no matter what he says or does, people are talking about him, and people are making a shitload off ads any time they post anything w/his name in it b/c he's made people that intrigrued, not matter how they feel about him.  WE NEED TO MAKE HIM GO AWAY.
  15. Employee Lounge

    Sorry to hear that CAP. As others said, I'd keep your eyes and ears peeled, and have a headhunter looking out for you now that you see the writing on the wall. But, also don't bank on your former boss setting something up in 6 months--it could take longer, doesn't pan out etc. Look out for yourself and do what makes you happy.