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  1. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Smoothies   

    almost every day:
    Frozen strawberries (maybe 3-4)
    Isopure strawberries and creme no carb protein powder (1 scoop)
    a frozen banana
    Milk (prefer almond/coconut unsweet)
    sometimes a tsp of cocoa powder.
  2. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic The Good Vibes Thread   

    Hugs and vibes to you both Fluster. 
  3. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Myers & Briggs Personality Test - Get to know your fellow Senators   

    I guess I'm 'moderate' because it depends on the situation for a lot of things for me as to how I'd answer.
    ESTJExtravert(28%)  Sensing(6%)  Thinking(28%)  Judging(25%)You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (28%)You have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (6%)You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (28%)You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (25%)
  4. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Signs you are getting old...   

    Went to my sis in law's bachelorette party saturday and my right ear feels like my eardrum popped from the loud awful bass blaring in 'da club'. I was on the verge of tears it was so loud and awful.
    (and also was on twitter reading Phish posts/setlists while everyone else danced to said awfulness).
  5. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Hiking, Backpacking, Touring, Camping, etc.   

    Using a tarp as a foot print is ususally a terrible idea, unless you really want a bunch of water to pool under you if it rains.  
    On that note though, we got a new ultralight from Sierra Designs that they don't make a footprint for, but at rec of a tester there, we made one our of tyvek to fit it. Super light, cheap and fits perfect!
    Sambieni:  You should go into biz w/ my hubs. At least once a day he says that's what he's meant to do (which is true)
  6. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Hiking, Backpacking, Touring, Camping, etc.   

    that rocks! We have so much fun just watching kids enjoy camping. (and the kick ass parents who take their kids camping).  Heading back to Lake Moomaw in VA Thurs-Sun. BFF is meeting us Saturday with her hubs and 3 boys.....that should be hilarious.
  7. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Employee Lounge   

    so weird:  our admin (who mind you is my boss's wife's best friend for 20+ years) just decided that today will be her last day.  Boss is in DC for meetings all day. She had no convo with him, just came in and made sure he had all her passwords, sent him an email saying she was done, and left.  W. T. F.?! Said she was too stressed out and can't have the high BP during her pregnancy.
    She has about 3 max hours of actual work to do a day. She was mad b/c he asked her to do a couple things over the weekend (err, pick up some Washington Posts on friday, which she left early to do, or last wkend something that took 5 min).  I've never seen something so unprofessional, and to burn a bridge like that when you're going to see the boss all the time b/c your best friend is his wife. She had a kush job; why not ride it out til November when you were going to leave anyways for baby). 
    Other 3 of us are baffled here, trying to figure out how to do the random stuff she did. it won't be hard, but can you not even work another few days and transition? She's my friend too, but what an idiot!@
  8. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Merriweather Post Pavilion: August 15 & 16   

    yeah, got a text from my cousin last night "meh" after the show. Way different from the 10 he sent me after the Mann.  I'm reading very mixed reviews. 
  9. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic The Mann Center for the Performing Arts: August 11 & 12   

    social media was blowing up over the annoying, constant Woo'ing. Listening now I totally get it.  #ugh
  10. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic The NetFlix Watch Instantly Thread   

    It's ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, but I liked it b/c of that. The movie was a lot better than the show imo though.
    I'm liking Stitchers. Kind of weird, but I like the actors/resees and it keeps me watching a genre I normally don't dig.
  11. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Help Me Choose a Car   

    no but the CRV will be my next vehicle.
  12. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Pet Peeves   

    when I get a conference call 'invite' but it's just an email w/ the info.
    You took the time to type it there, why not send in an invite so it's in my damn calendar?! now we all have to enter it again.
  13. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Grand Prairie, TX - July 29, 2015   

    well THIS GUY sure hated it.
    what a douche.
    EDIT: same story Paulie posted at same time
  14. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic Pet Peeves   

    Last flight I took that was me....trying to find a spot even in the back of the plane (was seated in like row 8). I ask flight attendant if they'll gate check it and she gets all super mad when she looks and sees all that kind of nonsense. Moved stuff around and got my bag in overhead. (it was the small rolley that fits into my other carryon) Then got on PA and "we don't have a full flight but our passengers boarding now are limited on overhead space so please check, use common sense and take anything that can go under your seat from the overheads and put them there. Nobody wants us to be delayed today because we can't pack our bags."
    that whole crew was awesome.....I wish they were on every flight ever.
  15. Rnoke420 added a post in a topic The Funny Picture Thread   

    Lots of pics, but these captions made me lol. Obama "being the worst"