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Site hacked

Feedback and Announcements 24 Nov 2013
The influx of spam bit is really starting to suck. Any way to block these damn things?
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Site Issues

Feedback and Announcements 12 Oct 2013
Anyone else been getting lots of error messages on here any time they save anything? Every time I save any post or create a thread I get a huge error message that starts like this...     \n\t\t\t\t\t    <\/p>\n    <\/p>\n Warning<\/b>: Base di...
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Donating Memberships Return

Feedback and Announcements 31 Jan 2013
It's taken a while but a new system for donating to the sites finances is in place.     You should see a new tab at the top for Donations (far right, next to Calendar).  There are three packages, $5, $10, and $20 ($5 is 3 month, $10 is 6, and $20 a year).  All donation payment...
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Emil's Tabs site issues (Friend of OoO site)

Feedback and Announcements 06 Dec 2012
Has anyone else had issues with the boomerang loops or guitar tuner on Emil's Tabs site? The audio jam loops at the bottom of each page are just showing up as code and not as an actual active, loopable audio track. Looks like they're all in flash. I'm using Chrome v 23.0.1271.95 m and...
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Feedback and Announcements 02 Nov 2012
Are those supposed to be here? I keep seeing random words underlined with links to advertisements.
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