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The Dress

Conversation 27 Feb 2015
Just heard about this from a co-worker as he's been going around to different people in the company with this photo and it's super interesting that people see the two colors as completely different things.   What colors do you guys see?   And here's a neat article about why...
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Session Americana

Appreciation 25 Feb 2015
so I think I started a thread about these guys on the older OoO but I never recreated it here. now seems like a good time as they have a kickstarter out for this new album due in April. They reached their $6K goal in 4-5 days but I still want to spread the word - I have been seeing them for 5-6 y...
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Who's Getting Fired For Greenlighting This Show?

Television 24 Feb 2015
There's not a TV edition of What Are You Watching, and having two threads named the same thing in different forums is way too confusing, and this tv show does not deserve its own thread, but I gotta say something somewhere, so here goes.   The Odd Couple reboot is just really bad.  All...
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Music Creation & Recording Software

Creation 24 Feb 2015
What are your favorite tools/apps/software for composing and creating music? What's the best (and easy to use) software for creating beats? I have GarageBand and an older version of Logic (which I never really spent enough time fully learning), but looking to get back into doing some recording an...
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