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George Romero's "Empire of the Dead" coming t...

Television 23 May 2015
I guess I need to check out this comic. While there may be too much Zombies on TV and too many comic adaptations right now I'm still up for a new Romero project. Sounds like a fun advancement in the genre with Vampires being added to the mix.   http://www.slashfilm...dead-tv-series/  ...
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Food Additives/Preseratives, etc...

Lifestyle 22 May 2015
Stemming from another thread where we discussed Aspartame, I dug in and looked around online for a little more info.  There are a lot of claims on both sides.   Aspertame: By far the most dangerous substance added to most foods today     How artificial sweeteners confuse your...
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Clash of Clans

Technology 21 May 2015
do any of you guys play this game? i'm sort of obsessed with it. our clan is always looking for active players. we war about 2x a week. i've been building my clan for almost a year. 
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The thread-locker thread

Conversation 19 May 2015
For me, it begins and ends with Loctite.
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The Locked Thread Thread

Conversation 18 May 2015
The Locked Thread Thread: a thread to discuss locked threads; the subjects contained in said locked threads; and -- whether individually or collectively -- locks and threads.   (this thread may itself be locked.)
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