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      04 Jun

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Deep Thought Yesterday, 10:18 AM
I'm the type of useless hippie that sees little virtue in it.  I feel like these words from Frederick Douglas (in a speech about July 4th) still speaks to our nation's status:     At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. Oh! had I the ability, and...
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Conversation 02 Jul 2015
Hey,   So it just occurred to me that it may not be entirely crazy to suggest an old-fashioned BnP using FLASH DRIVES - that way, people could send cookies, brownies, post cards, rocks, surprise gifts, BACON, or other little trinkets to one another as a way to feel more connected to the worl...
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Colitis Crohn's and Diverticulitis

Deep Thought 02 Jul 2015
Anyone know much about these? I was hospitalized for colitis this past weekend and on lots of meds. All the stuff I read on health websites is pretty scary. I was hoping to hear some more real perspectives here.
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Brilliant Ideas that never caught on

Conversation 30 Jun 2015
Madcap put the nugget of thought in my brain space the other day, referencing the fact that my car dings at you if you drive more than half a mile with a blinker on without turning. A brilliant, simple idea that doesn't seem to have caught on. There is also the fact that the hood can stay upright...
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NHL 2015-2016

Sports 27 Jun 2015
crazy first day of the NHL Draft.  wasn't expecting much as an Isles fan, given that the Isles had neither a first nor a second round pick, then Snow trades back into the first round -- twice! -- to nab some nice pieces.  the dude is a friggin' ninja.   really strong day for the Fl...
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