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    • http://phi.sh/b/5ac919a6

      I'm honored to be able to work on these projects. Enjoy, everyone!

      Let me know if you guys have any questions. 
    • Since this forum is so active.........many moons ago, I had a partial tape of this show (which it looks like is what was most circulated), but couldn't remember the date.  I've tried remembering which show it was a few times and finally found it today.  I've been listening and thought I would share, there's some good stuff. 








      SET 1: The Curtain With, Rocky Top, Funky Bitch, Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Peaches en Regalia, Golgi Apparatus, Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley, Suzy Greenberg, Fire

      SET 2: Jesus Just Left Chicago, Fluffhead > Whipping Post

      SET 3: Ya Mar[1] -> Jam[1] > Halley's Comet[2] > The Sloth, I Didn't Know[3], La Grange, Fee, I Know a Little, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Corinna, Harpua, Run Like an Antelope

      [1] Jah Roy on vocals.
      [2] Richard Wright on vocals.
      [3] Richard Wright on drums, Fish on trombone.


      Ya Mar and the ensuing jam featured vocals from Jah Roy; the jam contained One Love quotes from Jah Roy and Trey. Halley’s Comet featured vocals from Richard Wright. I Didn't Know featured Wright on drums and Fish on trombone. BBFCFM contained Flintstones theme teases from Trey. The master recordings confirm this listing as the correct performance order. Many recordings of this show circulate with an incorrect song order, an incorrect date (May 25, 1988) and an incorrect venue (Ian’s Farm, Hebron, NY).












    • https://www.osirispod.com

      So somewhat recently, the "Under The Scales" podcast was combined with a bunch of other podcasts into an (ironically named) entity called the "Osiris Podcast Network." The "Helping Friendly Podcast" is a part of this group (which is in partnership with Relix.) 

      In any event, they're having me on their show to talk about the remastered Phish shows that have been released recently. We're recording it Thursday night. Is anyone familiar with this podcast?

      Should be cool... I have no idea how the whole thing is going to work, or what medium will be used to have the discussion remotely.
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