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    • 5 months to go!  Holy shit is right!
    • Holy fucking shit.  Holy fucking shit.  Holy fucking shit.    These are official released publicity stills in raw form (no backgrounds or photoshop yet).    Snoke   Snoke's Pretorian Guard   Kylo Ren          
    • My thoughts on the films rumored outline.  I'll spoiler text relevant material.    What's posted above is similar to what was leaked for The Force Awakens.  In the end, there were differences, some minor, some not, but the overall arc of the film was there, major details (like Han's end) were there, all the settings were accurate, the pacing was accurate, and I would say it gave a good sense of what the movie is without ruining the experience of watching it for the first time.  Then again, I like knowing some plot going in, it makes a first viewing a little less jarring for me.   So some character analysis.  Serious spoilers ahead.  I'll start with Luke.    Rey    Kylo Ren  
    • Act Three      Take it with a grain of salt.  Some embellishment here and there, but this is roughly what the film is looking like from the rumor mill.