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  • Posts

    • American Politics
      By Zander · Posted
      Just for fun, I did a google search.  "How bad has Bobby Jindal been for Louisiana?"   How Bobby Jindal Broke Louisiana's Economy http://www.newsweek.com/how-bobby-jindal-broke-louisiana-economy-337999   How Bobby Jindal Wrecked Louisiana http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/how-bobby-jindal-wrecked-louisiana/   Planned Parenthood Is Flailing: Jindal Fights Back After LA Sued For Terminating Medicaid Contract http://dailysignal.com/2015/08/27/planned-parenthood-is-flailing-jindal-fights-back-after-louisiana-sued-for-terminating-medicaid-contract/   Bobby Jindal Crashes & Burns As Fox News Calls Out His Horrible Record In Louisiana http://www.forwardprogressives.com/bobby-jindal-crashes-and-burns-as-fox-news-calls-out-his-horrible-record-in-louisiana/   Louisiana: Love Us Some Guns http://www.thenation.com/article/bobby-jindal-does-louisiana-love-us-some-guns-now/   Jindal Is A Massive Douche That Smells Like Fresh Mountain Springs http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/07/us/governors-tactics-at-center-of-louisiana-budget-vortex.html?_r=0    
    • American Politics
      By paulitical · Posted
      He has no political instincts. His timing is always off. Just look at how he handled the issue of gay marriage. That ship has SAILED. That fight is OVER and his side FUCKING LOST. So what does he do? He writes an op-ed for the times talking about how he plans to fight on. This was after Mike Pence made a complete jackass of himself taking the same position the week or so before. His talking points are canned bullshit. He has no presence. He argues for and against causes we all know he doesn't believe in (pro-creationism, anti-climate change).  Jindal really is the worst politician on the current national stage. 
    • American Politics
      By Zander · Posted
      Sounds like you don't hate this guy enough.   This fucking diaper filled with the anal leakage of a 90 year old man posing as a Governor has done everything in his power to empty his bowels on the entire state of Louisiana, both on the good citizens of this state, and on the actual state itself.  This self-hating, real identity hiding, corporate cock gobbler has not only taken every opportunity to make the lives of Louisianians worse, he's done so with a shit eating grin on his face and the convictions of a turn of the century Klansmen.  Real name is Piyush.  His parents gave him that name, he should fucking honor that decision.  But Piyush is harder for the good ol boys to pronounce so he went with "Bobby".  That's neither here nor there though, really.  This cunt has turned down free medicare money for poor louisianians.  He turned down free money for Obamacare for Louisianians.  In his latest stint, this fucking massive pile of human excrement in a suit has undone all of the tax incentives that brought thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to Louisiana.  Even if the next legislature is able to overturn him on that, a lot of the companies have already moved to Georgia.  Oh and let's not forget what this pitiful sweat from a baboon's balls has done for the Louisiana marsh land.  You know, the only thing in between NOLA/BR and a massive hurricane coming out of the gulf?  By continuing to suck the teat of Big Oil while simultaneously taking it up the ass from the same people, he has done more damage to the coastline of Louisiana with this garbage ass gang bang than Katrina did.  Because oil companies produce jobs, and Republicans are all about jobs.  Unless they're in the Film or Medical Industry.  Has there every been ANYONE who snorted the entire party line so whole heartedly?  His whole CAREER has been one huge GOP jump fuck. Fuck, I gott get out of this thread.  Sorry folks.  But fuck that guy, freals.
    • American Politics
      By MoffTarkin · Posted
      That sack of garbage has an approval rating on par with latter day Dubya, even in strongly Republican Louisiana. He's a tool who never gave a single shit about that state and never missed an opportunity to make it clear that he was just passing through on his way to higher office. The failure of his ambitions is a wonderful thing to behold, but cold comfort to all the poor Louisianans whose lives he helped make demonstrably worse. Eff that guy.
    • What are you listening to right now
      By Zander · Posted
      I've just been pasting youtube links in the image box, under Insert Other Media > Insert From URL.   But I agree, the mobile version of this board makes it just about unbearable.  The app used to be fine, but now just doesn't work at all.  It's a shame too, b/c the Tapatalk app I have for another board is fucking awesome, and makes navigating the site really simple.
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